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  1. Esther_Fae

    Hey Ya'll..Re-branded question

    Just message @AmberCutie to get it changed. That's what I had to do back when I wanted my name on here changed.
  2. Esther_Fae

    really need some help and advice!!!

    Yeah that's normal. And there isn't a whole lot you can actually do about it. Best thing to do is to watermark you stuff with your username so you might get some traffic from the numerous sites like the one you listed above.
  3. Esther_Fae

    Post your daily speed sketch

    Okay this is what that sketch turned into
  4. Esther_Fae

    Post your daily speed sketch

    So I’m still reworking the composition of the sketch but yeah this took about 20 mins..... most of which was trying to get things positioned right and trying to figure out anatomy
  5. Esther_Fae

    LUSH 2.0?

    I couldn't figure out how to get to the product page through their site when I bought mine. However using google I was able to get the link. Just google Lush 2.0 presale or whatever
  6. Esther_Fae

    LUSH 2.0?

    Currently in the exchange process right now and it's actually really simple. Mailed my 2.0 back today and sent photos of my receipt from the post office to the support person and they're even starting my exchange early because I sent photos of my receipt. Cause this is what the charging port of...
  7. Esther_Fae

    LUSH 2.0?

    So I got my Lush 2.0 in the mail the other day. It appears to have a faulty seal where you charge it. When I washed it water remained in what should have been a tight seal. I contacted Lovense and will be getting my toy exchanged. But yeah just look closely at the charging port. Cause the seal...
  8. Esther_Fae

    LUSH 2.0?

    The flashing lights on the domi are made to essentially do this. They indicate intensity as well as duration.
  9. Esther_Fae

    LUSH 2.0?

    I've got the domi and love it. I've never had connection issues with it. But I also mainly use the presets and don't connect it to anything. The lights are different for the different intensities as well. going from a slow-ish flashing light to a continuous light on the highest setting. Plus you...
  10. Esther_Fae

    Which Lovense Toy Would YOU Recommend?

    Just ask her which one she would prefer.
  11. Esther_Fae

    How do I stop dwelling on the fact that I'm never able to attend AVN or other adult conventions?

    I don't drive and live several hours from the airports around me. I still made it to AVN this year. If you really want to go then you will find a way. Use the bus, greyhound, train, plane, ect.
  12. Esther_Fae

    Let's talk about a blatant exploit that chaturbate refuses to address.

    Federal tipped minimum wage is a lil over $2. You're supposed to do math and add up all your tips and then see if you made at least $7.25 an hour including tips. If you didn't your employer is supposed to subsidize your income so you reach the $7.25 an hour rate. However this puts all of the...
  13. Esther_Fae

    The Shape of Water: dildo inspiration?

    I would definitely use the dildo. It's so pretty, I want it!
  14. Esther_Fae

    Extreme Measures to be Hidden

    The internet is forever. You may not get outed now. It may not ever happen. But to live in denial of it even being a possibility is extremely naive. As you've seen in this thread girls have been found by body parts that don't even have any recognizable marks on them. There are bots that record...
  15. Esther_Fae

    Extreme Measures to be Hidden

    If you cam you will be found. Do not get into this industry unless you can accept this fact. And yes it is a fact. I was found by a friend on my very first broadcast ever. He recognized me when he went to check out the new models tag. While I haven't had anything bad come out of being recognized...