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    How to change geolocation

    Where was the account created?
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    How to change geolocation

    No it depends on where the account is created, you can use VPN when creating an account to make it appear in a different region, after the account is created it does not change ever as far as I can tell.
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    Why so many low studio models on featured?

    Make sure you uncheck "Show recommended cams", those don't follow the same rules as the rest of the algorithm, those are recommendations based on your personal viewing habits.
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    How to change geolocation

    You cannot change your location, it is based on where the account was logged as being created. It only matters if people are looking for someone that is in a specific region, otherwise it has no effect on people being able to see you.
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    Support ignoring my for over a week!

    Did you click on a link at any time that took you to a login page for chaturbate? It sounds like you have been hit by a phishing scam.
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    I know a Ukrainian model that was banned from Chaturbate because she had her location set to Ukraine while in Russia. They are being a bit funny about that situation right now.
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    Daily payout

    I got the daily payout from Saturday, but not the one from Friday.
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    Daily payout

    I also didn't get a daily payout yesterday, which is unusual. I was wondering if it was related to the long weekend?
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    Accounts Banned

    She should check all the accounts that she has worked on in the past, if any of them are banned any new account she tries to create or verify on will be banned. I would suggest 1. Ask them to remove her details from your account and restore it if there are not any other issues. 2. She will...
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    chaturbate site not loading/pms not delivered /cant refresh or open new window!! someone please help

    Clear cache and cookies on your browser and try again.
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    I got permanent ban

    I have seen this happen even when a model was offline for over a month before the ban happened, they never responded and we still don't know why the account was banned. As far as I was aware (I was a moderator in her room) there were no rules broken, certainly not in public. The ban is...
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    They registered my account to the wrong person

    @Blondelox were you able to get this resolved? I know a model going through the same issue.
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    My BF's ID keeps getting denied by CB

    @TwistedAndDeranged Sometimes if the photo on the ID card is too dark or has any shading that would be a reason for it to be rejected as well. I have helped a lot of models get verified and have got very good at determining if they are likely to be rejected. If they are asking for a passport it...
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    Region blocking list cleared Automatically

    I have been told by a couple of models that I know that their region blocking list cleared, and when they try to add countries back into the region block list it is cleared again. This has been confirmed to have happened on multiple accounts for multiple models. This potentially puts the models...
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    New, harsher algorithm with faster drop off in page rank?

    Tipping is only one part of the algorithm, as the number of unique registered viewers decreases so does the ranking. I have always noticed that the unique registered users are more important long term than the tippers.