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    Logitech webcams

    Logitech BRIO girl here. I had an old c270 which worked, but it was time to get a new one! I went with the BRIO because it offers 4K and was only about $50 more than the c920/c922. I figured many people will be getting 4k TVs in the US as they become cheaper and cheaper. So far, so good. It...
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    Random Thing You Love Right Now

    Falling asleep while my boyfriend rubs this one spot near my ear. It does something I cannot explain-- almost like I am a cat or baby. Hmm, maybe I am both!
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    Random Thing You Love Right Now

  4. KaraCuffs

    Anyone else starving after a show? :)

    Anyone else starving after a show? :)
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    Coping with the weak US dollar?

    So it appears that this exchange rate is affecting many of us outside of the US! Hmm, I wonder how difficult my taxes will be to file, being in Europe, as a US citizen, making USD. Looking forward to April 15, sigh, haha.
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi all! I'm Kara, I've been camming for 4 months! I cam on CB on my solo account at /KaraCuffs, and with my bf on our couple's account at /KaraInCuffs. He has an account here at AFC @KaraInCuffs. He's very helpful! About me: I live in Austria (not Australia!), and am from America. I'm not your...