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  1. KarmaKittyy

    I feel so stupid... chaturbate scammed

    I am starting to notice those trends with people. I think karma (ha) was on my side though because tonight I had a majority of great people in my room and I had my best night so far! Thanks for the tips! I didn't know you could sort at all much less by token amount.
  2. KarmaKittyy

    I feel so stupid... chaturbate scammed

    I thought that CB had ninja tips too. I was originally on MFC and didn't realize just how different the sites are I guess.
  3. KarmaKittyy

    How long have the longest cam girls been around?

    This so cool to read! Honestly, it's inspiring. I can't wait to say I've been camming for even a year! Only 352 days to go!! ♥
  4. KarmaKittyy

    I feel so stupid... chaturbate scammed

    I read from a few articles and forum posts on here how a lot of money services don't like sex workers. I very carefully choose my bank and I most likely won't accept anything outside of the sites I use plus gifts from my wishlist (which I know technically goes against Amazon's rules).
  5. KarmaKittyy

    I feel so stupid... chaturbate scammed

    Thanks haha Hopefully it'll only be once
  6. KarmaKittyy

    I feel so stupid... chaturbate scammed

    I felt really bad at first but my bf, and now everyone here, has made me feel better about it. Now I know what to look out for, I dont think I'll let that slide again.
  7. KarmaKittyy

    Who else saw the Borderlands 3 teaser trailer??

    Is anyone else as excited as I am??? I honestly didn't like the trailer very much but it did get me hella excited for BL3!! When it comes out I'll probably play it on cam. Borderlands and Borderlands 2 are my all time favorite games. I hope the new one goes into character development more.
  8. KarmaKittyy

    I feel so stupid... chaturbate scammed

    I know this is going to me me look really dumb but oh well I'm pissed and sad and I want to vent. Today was my second day on CB and I got hardcore tricked. I was in pm with a viewer and he was tipping me and it was great blah blah blah and he asked about what he called a "password show". You...
  9. KarmaKittyy

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    I'm Karma, I just started camming after years of wanting to do it. I'm hoping to find friends and good advice here. c: