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  1. LilyOhRiley

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    I just had the strangest thing happen - got an email saying that a check had been returned as undeliverable (which is plausible, I guess) but when I went to the model dashboard to see what was up the number portion of my address had been transposed (like, 15 instead of 51). I know for an...
  2. LilyOhRiley

    Premium Snapchat

    This is super interesting...I run two Snaps - a public one that's promo grumbling and selfies and shit and a premium one that's a full show pretty much every weekday - and only charge for access to the premium. Most of my premium subscribers are either one month or full-year, not much...
  3. LilyOhRiley

    HELP? Models & Sugarbabies

    I've never done the sugar baby thing, but I dated a girl in college who did...and she said SeekingArrangement was a total waste of time. Dudes want as much as they can get out of you for as little money as they can put in, they're all ugly as sin and you basically get paid less than a...
  4. LilyOhRiley

    Are you a sex worker?

    I consider myself a sex worker and identify as such when talking about my job. The fact that I touch dicks on camera to earn money really isn't that many steps away from touching dicks for money, imo, so I don't see any shame in stepping under that umbrella; it's all about selling a sexual...
  5. LilyOhRiley

    What type of gamer are you?

    I got mine for Beat Saber - yes I know the PC version is kinda better, but idk - and I have no regrets. You've got me interested in trying out RDR2...I've heard so many good things about it!
  6. LilyOhRiley

    Would You Recommend Getting An Accountant?

    See, my guy gave me an extensive list of categories that I could deduct and then we have a sit down to go over those exact details - perhaps I just got lucky, but I've always gotten to ask as many questions as I could come up with and he's incredibly helpful.
  7. LilyOhRiley

    Would You Recommend Getting An Accountant?

    I personally use a sex work-friendly accountant because I simply don't have enough fucks to try and do it on my own. It's more expensive than picking up a copy of Turbo Tax, but I enjoy being able to hand over my giant spreadsheet of info and have him do it for me. Speaking of that, I can...
  8. LilyOhRiley

    How Do You Take Your Coffee?

    I think I mentioned it earlier, but I've found that heavy cream is rich enough to help offset the bitterness. It takes some getting used to, but adding about a tablespoon to an 8oz cup helped get me down to using almost no sugar from my diabetes-level sugar obsession before. Also, blonde...
  9. LilyOhRiley

    Worst candy ever?

    It's not the right season for them, but Cadbury Eggs are the worst product to ever get schlepped into a candy aisle. Disgusting little toothachey things.
  10. LilyOhRiley

    How Do You Take Your Coffee?

    I just went down the strangest coffee-blog deep dive, thanks @Lintilla - I might actually have to try some of those. :D And my coffee preferences? I'm trying to avoid sugar, so at home it's french press mid-roast + heavy cream. On the road I'll throw in some packet creamers (French Vanilla /...
  11. LilyOhRiley

    ManyVids - Profiles?
  12. LilyOhRiley

    Annoying things that happen when you're trying to work?

    My filming studio is directly under the flight path for an many, many clips have been ruined by low-flying aircraft. Also, some of my neighbors are total gearheads and when they start working on their monstrous diesel engines I can't film until they turn the damn things off - it's...
  13. LilyOhRiley

    Sub or dom

    IRL I'm absolutely, non-negotiably a Domme. Sometimes I'll be a pillow princess, but I'm always the one running the show regardless of the gender of my partner. On camera I'll do whatever brings the money in - if it's not something I'm into personally I can still give a good performance for...
  14. LilyOhRiley

    How did you decide on a name???

    Well...with pale skin, red hair and freckles I knew I needed something Irish. I kicked around a bunch of ideas - originally I was going to use Riley as my first name - before settling on O'Riley as the last name. From there it was perusing baby naming books and a lot of searching porn...
  15. LilyOhRiley

    Fun game! What's your snapchat score?

    My free/public account (lillibunde) is sitting at 3,534 and I've had it about a year, I think. My premium account is at 2,110 but I've only had it for less than 6 months.