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  1. LizzieLust

    Help with IWantClips

    This isn't really cam related, but wanted to see if anyone here was familiar with IWC and could answer a question. Does anyone know if you're allowed to request tips be sent via Amazon or giftrocket giftcards instead of through idc? I know mfc doesn't really care but other websites such as mgf...
  2. LizzieLust

    Snapchat takeovers

    Hmm what's their twitter? I'm assuming they only post models that are dancing for them though. But I'd like to check them out anyway
  3. LizzieLust

    Snapchat takeovers

    Who are some of your favorite Snapchats to takeover, or watch takeovers on?
  4. LizzieLust

    3D Printed items

    Oh figurines are a great idea. I have a chibi of myself I could probably use as a model. My printer is able to print very detailed, and relatively large items. I just don't have tons of ideas for it :P
  5. LizzieLust

    3D Printed items

    So I just got a pretty nice 3D printer and I'm super excited about it. Do you guys have any idea what sorts of things members might like/ buy if I 3D printed them?
  6. LizzieLust

    Member Christmas gift ideas

    Thanks zoom, and force. Those were very helpful suggestions :h:
  7. LizzieLust

    Member Christmas gift ideas

    I'm working on Christmas presents for a few regulars, and trying to decide what kinds of things to add. I would love to know what other cam models have given members, and what members would like to recieve. I will definitely be adding personal items related to each members likes, but I'd like...
  8. LizzieLust

    Panty selling... getting paid anonymously?

    I'm not sure about the rate for panty hose, but panties average 900 tokens+ from what I've seen. Of course you can charge whatever you'd like, but take into account the amount the panties cost + postage fees, then decide what kind of profit you'd like for your time ect.
  9. LizzieLust

    Put It Up Your Butt!

    Candy :) I can live with that Omnomnomnom
  10. LizzieLust


  11. LizzieLust

    How to shoot POV bj w/ toys

    Thank you! :)
  12. LizzieLust

    How to shoot POV bj w/ toys

    I always want to shoot pov BJ vids (The ones where the girl is looking up towards the camera and on her knees) but can never figure out the angle. What do you guys use to film those kinds of videos?
  13. LizzieLust

    Video Editing

    Ok so I've been a cam model for a while, but video editing has never been something I'm great with. I would love some recommendations for one that works for PC, is fairly easy to learn/Straightforward, but also make videos look great. Does this even exist? :P
  14. LizzieLust

    A letter to baby camgirls

    I've been camming for 5 years and still learn new things on almost a daily basis. These are good things to remember for every cam girl <3