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Feb 13, 2018
Apr 23, 2015
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Industry Representative
LOVENSE was last seen:
Feb 13, 2018
    1. Streamate Recruiting
      Streamate Recruiting
      I'd be so grateful! I can be reached at modeling@streamate.com or 213-973-7953 to coordinate a date/time that works for you. Thanks so much ;)
    2. Streamate Recruiting
      Streamate Recruiting
      Hi there, my name's Vanessa and I work in-house at the Streamate Network (live cams). I was wondering if you or someone from your company would be open to setting some time aside for a call to go over your vibe options/features/how they work for a piece that I'm doing for social media. :)
    3. Alex_M_21
      Hey my Lovense hush has stopped working completely, it no longer interacts with the bodychat app on my phone. I'm quite technically minded and did a lot of trouble shooting including trying it on a new phone but it still doesn't work. The app does connect to it but it does not react to commands through the app or the chrome plug in.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Alex_M_21
        Sorry I meant replacement.
        Aug 11, 2017
      3. AmiGold
        Hi Alex_M_21 have you also tried contacting them through twitter or their support email on the lovense site?
        Aug 12, 2017
      4. Alex_M_21
        Hey @AmiGold , I did email them but they havent got back to me yet. Twitter is a good idea though. Thank you :)
        Aug 12, 2017
    4. Miss_Pixie
      Hey, does it work on streamate.com ? the toys?
      1. LOVENSE
        tip based vibrations don't work on there (we cannot get it to work because of the way their website is coded). you should contact someone there and suggest they do it -- they are already considering it =)

        ...one thing does work is giving someone live control (you just send the customer a link). the link has been approved to be sent via the SM platform, so you wouldn't get in trouble for it.
        Jul 1, 2016
        Miss_Pixie likes this.
      2. Miss_Pixie
        Thanks! :D
        Jul 1, 2016
      3. LOVENSE
        =) my pleasure
        Jul 1, 2016
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    AmberCutie's Forum (ACF) was created in 2010 to provide a helpful community for cam models to interact with one another, as well as discuss anything and everything with their members. We also created CamGirlWiki.com for aspiring cam models to learn the basics.
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