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  1. MizDelilahDee

    It's been a minute - hello there :mask::mask: and Merry Xmas!

    It's been a minute - hello there :mask::mask: and Merry Xmas!
  2. MizDelilahDee

    Would you rather

    Urgh. If you said something like The Conjuring I'd have that shit down pat BUT I don't know I'd rather do Alien, Hostel freaked me out too much. Would you rather watch your favourite films forever but the sound doesn't sync with the video or watch gore porn (like hostel lol) forever?
  3. MizDelilahDee

    What do your dudes typically look like?

    I talk a lot of nerdy TV in my room so I tend to attract the nerdy guys around my own age who love to talk about game of thrones :rock:
  4. MizDelilahDee


    I am IN LOVE with this show and I'm glad I'm not the only one! I also think the show has gone down since about season 6... All stars is more fun now, in my opinion. My favourite queen has got to be Alaska, she's goals! :rofl:
  5. MizDelilahDee

    The seriously obscure stuff you love.

    I guess mine isn't crazy weird, but I love collecting emoji pillows. My kid, on the other hand, is into weird stuff which makes it hard to buy stuff (toys, clothes etc) for him. The reigning obsession this month is Pacman. He's 4. :haha:
  6. MizDelilahDee

    Little Quirks Of You

    I also only eat with teaspoons. I always sleep with a pillow between my legs. I always wash my hands when walking past the bathroom. I touch the roof of my car when driving through an orange light (my sis taught me this lol). Oh and I always change my accent and slang slightly ( and unknowingly)...
  7. MizDelilahDee

    Put It Up Your Butt!

    Garage pies O.o
  8. MizDelilahDee

    Being dumped.

    I think OP would be a brilliant candidate for the tide pod challenge.
  9. MizDelilahDee

    Is butter a carb?

    Is butter a carb?
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  11. MizDelilahDee

    Can you be held responsible for chatting to someone on Chaturbate who they later deem a minor?

    A lot of things in Twitter only get retweeting if you tag big porn promoters, next time if you need something retweeting, tag my promo account @NoobsWithB00bs and I will ask people to rt it
  12. MizDelilahDee

    Chaturbate Site Warning

    I actually emailed them out of curiosity to see if I could do a twitch type of stream on CB (I wasn't arsed to look at the rules tbh lol) and they were like ABSOLUTELY NOT. Alrighty then...
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