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  1. MonaMonet

    I must wait 6 long months to streamate again

    Thank you so much @AudriTwo! I'm gonna try and email Liz and see if I can move on 🙏
  2. MonaMonet

    Why do studios do this?

    I think that's amazing of you helping a model go independent, I wish I would have went independent instead of with a studio,, Hopefully very soon I'll be independent.
  3. MonaMonet

    I must wait 6 long months to streamate again

    I'm so sad about this 😢 because there are some very bad studios, I want out of my studio, I never signed a contract with them. On the day I got "hired" I was specifically told " there are no contracts. We do not keep models, if they want to go they can go, there's always another one. And I was...
  4. MonaMonet

    How was it?

    How was it?
  5. MonaMonet

    Should I Tell The Model About This Fan Member's PMs?

    Damn! 🤦 Okay, first off I want to say that your responses where very mature and respectful. You're the type of client that us, models, love to have. So thank you for having her back! Secondly, yes definitely let her know, because she needs to ban him if possible. What he is doing is extremely...
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  8. Selfies 🤳

    Selfies 🤳

    Me 😻
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  10. MonaMonet

    Did they already mail out tax slips for the US?

    Hmmm.. so if I've been under a studio, does the studio or streammate send me my tax stuff?
  11. MonaMonet

    Many streamate models got banned because of me

    What is 2FA?
  12. MonaMonet

    Ughhhh I miss my wand SOOOOOO MUCH 😢 You're gonna love it 😻

    Ughhhh I miss my wand SOOOOOO MUCH 😢 You're gonna love it 😻
  13. MonaMonet

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Hahaha love it! I have 🍌s ready all the time lol my manager actually told me to use them on my training day 😅
  14. MonaMonet

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Bahahahah I love it! Never heard that one 🤣
  15. MonaMonet

    Studio illegally exploiting former model over follower account?? CB -- WTH!

    Damn! So I didn't know any this! I am new to the camming world and the studio I'm with never told me that they own the rights to my account and my followers! I'm new to this site and already learning so much, thank you! ( even tho I dunno if I'm using this forum right? Lol🤦 but lmk please, TY!)