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  1. NerdyZoey


    This. They want you to drop low so they can accidentally stay for 32 seconds with less of a risk of being charged for that extra 2 seconds
  2. NerdyZoey

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    me too please
  3. NerdyZoey

    Anyone else doing ASMR?

    I do ASMR with a mic that was gifted to me for ukulele purposes. It wasn’t very expensive I don’t think. so while I’m live I have them tip $10 to get the mic out. I have magnetic sand that I run my nails in, I use a very calm soothing voice to make noises and tell stories with (usually joi) and...
  4. NerdyZoey

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    They have sent out a message I suggest you email the new company Ca Gens LLC and get information on how to become employed. I’m sos sorry the timing is so horrible in this. Please update us and let us know how it goes.
  5. NerdyZoey

    Songs by/about SW and SWers

    Compiling a giant list! Looking for help to make my list of songs performed by or written by or about sex workers and/or sexwork. thanks in advance!
  6. NerdyZoey

    Sweetheart Persona

    I’m a sweetheart. I’m very girl next door and kind. I’m also not on a token site (I will be adding one in the new year). I’m on Streamate but it still works for me very well. I would give out a word of caution.... just as in life many people see kindness as weakness. I feel like I have some...
  7. NerdyZoey

    What do yuo like your man (or a man) to wear for "sexy time"?

    Rash guards make my knees weak
  8. NerdyZoey

    Retweet Groups, how do I find and join one?

    I started in one and tried a few different types.... basically most of them require you to Rt an entire group of people dail, so 40+ people at leats one tweet a day if not more.... So you frown your own tweets your page looks like a weird advertisement page. They people who do look and retweet...
  9. NerdyZoey

    Stream Your Shows On

    Please email adobe about the stock photos being used on your Instagram, Twitter. Twitter straight up has links and they all have porn logos across on them. And are on a page with the same name as porn site.... not to mention the ones on your site. Explain how you also have links to these “non...
  10. NerdyZoey

    Stream Your Shows On

    So you can’t follow the terms of service with other sites like stock photos. But we are supposed to trust you have better judgement with your own site? and then you claim your competition is one of the largest sites in the industry.... but then talk to cammodels like you know more than us...
  11. NerdyZoey

    You're an amazing person!

    For real three cheers for @Mila_ ! You are the model who convinced me to finally purchase tokens. You inspired me to cam myself. I literally have pages of notes from ll your help with me and others. Thank you for being a shining example and opening up not just your knowledge but your life to us...
  12. NerdyZoey

    Using VPN to stream?

    If you’re this uncomfortable about being found out I would take a moment and think about it. There are millions of ways models get “found out”. If your scared it may not be the job for you
  13. NerdyZoey

    War between MFC and [site name banned*14]

    So somebody breaks into my house and steals my laptop. They sell it and if I manage to figure out who stole it (your site isn’t that large many people have never ever heard of you and you take their things) I should be happy they give me a portion of the revenue? And I should be grateful because...
  14. NerdyZoey

    Private Shows or Public?

    I highly suggest you look at a pay per minute site like Streamate. Nudity isn’t even allowed in public/guest chat. There is a pay wall for all explicit actions.
  15. NerdyZoey

    How do you handle "daddy/daughter" fetish?

    I usually say “Sorry Mario your princess is in a different castle” 9/10 they laugh (in texting sites this earns me an extra text). It breaks the weirdness without having to get too personal (if you don’t want to) Super sorry you had to go through all that