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    How does someone find my real name?

    Do you have an Amazon Wishlist on your bio? You might have linked your personal Amazon Wishlist. I found a couple of models had this issue. With the first one, I was checking out her wishlist when I noticed the name on the wishlist was different than the one she used on her account and it...
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    *Trigger Warning* Post about emotional/upset model *Sensitive Topic*

    I'm not sure if she had already been a member of ACF before she had this issue or she became a member of ACF in order to get help reactivating her account in the CB section of this site. But she had already been banned from CB when she complained about all the issues she was having trying to...
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    *Trigger Warning* Post about emotional/upset model *Sensitive Topic*

    I wouldn't get the sites involved. There was a model on here who complained about what she was put through by Chaturbate when someone reported her for suicidal thoughts. They initially sent her a warning and she had to agree to some conditions, then they suspended or banned her account and...
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    Why don't I have a NEW icon next to the camera? only GHATURBATING and what does it mean ???

    I believe "Chaturbating" means that you're not streaming in HD.
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    Chaturbate ignores me. Does not accept and does not reject it has been a week already(

    Remember to tag @punker barbie as the Chaturbate industry rep.
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    @Krissy_Nile Amber Cutie has nothing to do with Chaturbate. You want to tag @punker barbie as the industry rep for Chaturbate.
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    Issue caused by having two accounts

    Hello @punker barbie One of the cam models I follow is having an issue where Chaturbate requested her ID again, but because her ID is linked to her old studio account, Chaturbate won't accept it. She'd like to know if there's a way to remove her ID from the studio account or if deactivating...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    How would you word a request then?
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    Some people...

    Had something similar happen to me as well. In this model's room, the amount that the user has tipped shows up next to their name in brackets and if they're one of the top three tippers they have a gold, silver or bronze crown next to the total tipped. I was in second place, so I had the...
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Watching cam models from Colombia, Russia and Central Asia has exposed me to a lot of great music which I otherwise would not have come across. I am very grateful for this. :)
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    What to do?

    If it's Chaturbate, I'm pretty sure they record everything that happens on the site.
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    How Would You Feel If Your Fav Solo Model Started Making B/G Vids?

    I wouldn't mind if they had videos for sale or if once in a while they brought their boyfriend on the stream, but I wouldn't want their stream to become a couple's stream. I like to chat with the models, so it'd be weird having another person there reading our conversations.
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    Posting recorded pvt on onlyfans

    Would the cam sites approve of this? If a member finds their private show being sold on Only Fans, could they report the model?
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    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    I just realized you can now pause the stream by clicking on the image.
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    CB Scheduled Down Time 2/11/21 2am MST for 15 min - 1 hour.

    Automatically, or did you have to contact them?