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  1. OliviaClarke

    Letting a Woman Know That Her Customized Videos Have Been Leaked.

    You do know a model may get multiple custom video requests in a single day right? You're not the only one buying customs lmao. The appeal of a custom is you get the video played out exactly how you want it, but there is only so many fantasies out there. So if you want to watch her general...
  2. OliviaClarke

    Trying to be more vocal in my room!

    That was incredibly helpful! I'm definitely taking some of that to heart
  3. OliviaClarke

    Daily Thoughts

    I love to please others. I get off irl in bed by making them happy. I can't think of doing mean things, but maybe I don't have to be mean! Maybe my view of a domme is too fixed and I need to think outside the box. There are just so many fetishes to learn!
  4. OliviaClarke

    What's your chill out game?

    I LOVE Skyrim! I'll play that all day long
  5. OliviaClarke

    Whatcha been playing?

    I've been replaying the Zelda games recently! Started with BOTW and I'm moving backwards so TP is next! I love BOTW though, I'm so sad there won't be anymore :cry:
  6. OliviaClarke

    I actually really like No Man's Sky

    I don't do very good with games that have no goal/quest lines. Is No Man's Sky just exploring or is there another element that I'm missing?
  7. OliviaClarke

    Daily Thoughts

    I wonder how people learn Dom/sub roles Also, just keep pushing through, keep improving yourself even if you don't see results and it'll pay off!
  8. OliviaClarke

    That time of the month

    I tried my first shark week with a diva cup, but I thought I could lightly use a dildo as well. It started leaking and I freaked out and cleaned up but I don't think anyone noticed because I caught it quickly. Now I only use a diva cup and my fingers so I can make sure I don't move the cup to much
  9. OliviaClarke

    Trying to be more vocal in my room!

    I'm the same way! I've just been trying to talk about what I plan on doing today, what I did yesterday, I've been thinking about just reading literotica out loud to help me become more confident and learn more dirty talking. But I also don't want to steal anyone's work by reading it out loud...
  10. OliviaClarke

    TV Shows that ended to soon VS Shows that should of ended sooner

    I stopped watching TWD in the middle of season 7, I can't believe they are having 9 seasons! They need to stop, it's just ruining the show
  11. OliviaClarke

    Paying or Splitting Bills on First Dates

    I always expect to pay for myself, but I also hope the guy pays. But if he doesn't then no biggie! It just stands out to me when he does. I order only things I can afford, to expect him to pay for that much on the first date is incredibly rude
  12. OliviaClarke

    Did webcamming help your body image issues?

    So far yes! I used to be quiet and shy, camming has helped me there. And that growth out of shyness has led to so much confidence with my body. I love knowing other people think I'm sexy. It has dampened my overall confidence. I feel so focused on making the customer happy that I feel anxious...
  13. OliviaClarke

    Disneyfied - what exactly is it?

    I think people just hate the idea of Disney owning so much, especially when it comes to their childhood classics. But I do feel like Disney takeover movies are a little cheesier and a bit more kid friendly somehow.
  14. OliviaClarke

    Bad day but good?

    Had a bad day week 2 into camming. Expected to make a lot of money because it was my first day of camming many shifts (as if I cammed full time). Made $75 from 5 hours BUT last week my goal was $50 a day from one 3 hour shift. So it's good I made more than 50, just not as great of a day as I...
  15. OliviaClarke

    Tips to Avoid Stalkers

    I've been trying to get started on discord too. How do you accept payment for discord shows? I was thinking of using sky private for Skype, but they don't have that for discord