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punker barbie
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  • Hey there @punker barbie it’s ittybittyandbigpoppa from chaturbate reaching out to you again I haven’t been able to log into my account i am still banned and I’ve done what I’ve been told please reach back to me I need to broadcast
    Hello , i have an issue regarding a p2p transfer on paxum. Paxum said they had an issue in 4th and i had a daily cash out that day. Ive got an email from chaturbate that i got the money but they never arrived in my paxum account . When i asked paxum about it they said chaturbate has to send them again considering the payment was not processed due the issue they had. Please check this transfer 20609658
    hello. my name is Cuteewoman. i was blocked after checking new age. my passport is valid until July 24, 2023 and I was approved for a scan of this passport. I photographed the same passport for a new age and for some reason I was banned. I ask you to unblock my account - I am over 50 years old and I have worked on your site for several years and I was approved. what is wrong now?
    I've made a post and messaged you. I've sent in support tickets from both accounts daddysgirl77791 and twiztedtony. We were warmed and then banned right after about camming from multiple accounts simultaneously. I wasn't aware this was not allowed and promise not to do it again please help as support is yet to respond.
    Good morning @punker barbie
    I’m reaching out to you from my account ittybittyandbigpoppa on chaturbate , my account was banned 2 weeks ago and I’ve sent in age verification twice already and I still haven’t been able to log back in please help !
    Hello there @punker barbie
    My name is Juan David Gomez Diaz I'm webcam model since 2 years. I'm having problems with chaturbate they banned me without reason the day 4th July 2021 i would like to know what is the reason i get banned and if i can come back. Chaturbate is everything for me my user name is Bunnyjulie18. i would like recieve help with this problem.
    Hello I’m a Philippines trans model I hope that you can help me @punker barbie

    I was banned a year ago I tried reaching out but no response so recently I decided to contact support team once again but same thing happen. I hope you can help me my username is LadyScarletxx requests is 20286812

    Looking forward on your response
    Could you please check out my ticket. I feel like I'm being ignored. I'm not implying that my situation is more important that other people's but I thought that tickets are handled in the order that they are being received. I've seen tickets with higher number than mine being resolved and I'm still waiting to hear back from support after 4 days now.

    Username: Rhony7around
    Ticket number: 20274939
    Hola buen dia @punker barbie , quisiera saber si tengo posibilidad de recuperar mi cuenta (paulagomezxx) solo pido eso por favor... ya envie mi pasaporte ticket (19978020)
    hola @punker barbie hace unos dias envie un email con mi pasaporte para poder recuperar la cuenta que me bloqueo por falsificacion de identidad segun tu, necesito por favor tu ayuda, sere 2 meses sin mi cuenta y de verdad es mi unico medio de trabajo , quedo atenta, gracias, mi usuario de chaturbate (paulagomezxx)
    earlier, my account JULIA777JULIA was a studio where I, together with a young man, were broadcasting as a couple. we had a studio administrator, which I wrote about earlier and indicated the site that was used to cheat traffic and affiliate programs.

    now the administrator has cheated a lot of girls and studios.

    I would like to work for myself now. the studio broke up, the administrator is under arrest due to fraud
    hola @punker barbie hace unos dias envie un mail con mi pasaporte para poder recuperar la cuenta que me bloqueo por falsificacion de identidad segun tu, necesito por favor tu ayuda, sere 2 meses sin mi cuenta y de verdad es mi unico medio de trabajo , quedo atenta, gracias, mi usuario de chaturbate (paulagomezxx)
    username : urlilbunny333
    Ticket number : 19872812
    Support changed my password without giving a reason and asked me to prove my identity to give it back but i didn't receive a single answer after that. It's been 19 days!
    ticket number: 19847144
    stage name: wildbelladonnats
    hi there @punker barbie my account has been banned again and again for no valid reason. and i emailed them yesterday until now they dont email me back i hope you can help me with this. i work hard and fair and this is my bread and butter for so many years. i hope they can recheck my account again i really need this job thnak you!!
    Chaturbate is requesting age verification with passport and postal ID. They said if I don't have these to let them know. I have a current Passport, drivers license and voters ID, I tell them I don't have a postal ID...they keep sending the same response telling me I need Passport and Postal ID, Can you please help me with this?

    Model name: Galatea_Xinea
    Hola punker @punker barbie mi cuenta ha sido bloqueada hace mas de 8 dias, podrias revisar por favor, mi tiket es (19694361) por favor, necesito de tu ayuda, gracias :h:
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    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    I have confirmed that our Support team has contacted you.
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    si.. @punker barbie ellos me dicen que es porque yo falsifique mi documento y yo jamas lo he hecho.. es mi documento real y tengo pruebas... como podria solucionaf eso? aun no tengo mi pasaporte..
    Hello, I already wrote about my account. They wrote to me that there was a cheat of referral links. I only checked the posting on instagram. Soon a message of support was published, as there were a suspicious number of anonymous guests on the page

    ticket: 19230475
    Hello @punker barbie Please help me my account in chaturbate was banned and i dont know whats the reason why.please help me to reverse the decision. Miss_Paloma_Boombastica request #19185057
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