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  • its my bday and i'll cry if i want to lol. Had 4 teeth pulled last monday and I wanted to work so badly this whole week and the week before but was in so much pain couldn't even get out of bed. Hopefully this week will be ladies still think I can milk some belated bday tips if I wasn't online due to surgery?
    To follow that up, I just wanted to say that I really do love MFC, have had some great times on there, and am finding it hard to let go...
    I started out on mfc and for the first 5 mos had a pretty consistent room/money flow then I had major dental surgery that hurt so badly I could not work for a whole month. I came back, my camcscore had dropped from somewhere in the 1200s to the 700s, and now it's slower than ever...had so many great times on mfc, but wondering if I should hang it up and switch over to chaturbate?
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