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  1. SpookybunzSM

    Question about our over Seas models and there Studios

    Yeah I don't think most studios are run with the idea of making the model the most possible money. The studios are run to make the studios the most possible money. Letting their performers have contact with clients in ways that aren't monitored (and profited off of) by the studio, are obviously...
  2. SpookybunzSM

    How to pronounce GIF

    My boyfriend is a graphic designer and insists it's pronounced jif. So now I refer to him as a "jraphic designer" whenever he wants to throw down about it. lol
  3. SpookybunzSM

    Making solo videos and quality...

    Aww thank you, I just got really lucky and got it from a friend that was using it for animation/3D rendering. It powers through long video editing sessions way better than adobe can :P LOL If only I could stream without the mobility of a laptop, should probably cut back on the coffee I guess...
  4. SpookybunzSM

    Making solo videos and quality...

    Cool Yeah I batch shoot a lot of footage at once, so as long as a program isn't pulling an Adobe (which is known for software issues and crashing, regardless of your computer) I'm happy, especially at the price point. Right now for small projects like live shows I'm using filmora on my 7700k i7...
  5. SpookybunzSM

    Making solo videos and quality...

    That's really interesting, does it hold up to some of the other editing software on the market? Like can the free version handle editing hours of footage in 1080p/4k without crashing or do you have to upgrade to the paid version to get that?
  6. SpookybunzSM

    Making solo videos and quality...

    When you're just starting out, using your phone or webcam to make some clips is acceptable until you can get yourself set up to film proper clips. Just make sure your lighting is adequate if you're using something with lower resolution recording. I guess the editing depends on how much you...
  7. SpookybunzSM

    Happy birthday!!!! :D

    Happy birthday!!!! :D
  8. SpookybunzSM

    What will you do for XXXXX tokens?

    I agree with most of the other models input in this thread. 99.9% of the time these dudes just want you to pay attention to them, so they'll dangle a big tip (that they don't have the tokens for) over your head so you'll be nice to them and pay more attention to them than the people that are...
  9. SpookybunzSM

    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    @Harper_Greene I always imagine a girl spinning on a poll so elegantly through the chaos of the last chorus. Rob Zombie really did make some amazing stripping songs @BalleRenee I GET SO SAD MAYNARD DOESN'T COME BACK IN AT THE END OF THE SONG. It's like being denied an orgasm a little bit. I'd...
  10. SpookybunzSM

    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    You lied - Tool Passenger - Deftones & Maynard Santana Medley - Type O Negative Christian Woman - Type O Negative Lords of Salem - Rob Zombie Mein Teil - Rammstein Rosenrot - Rammstein The Garden - Guns N Roses & Alice Cooper This Flight Tonight - Nazareth So many She Wants Revenge songs...
  11. SpookybunzSM

    Music During Private

    Whatever floats your goat, y'know? Someone took me to private once to play me their guitar. I loved it. As long as someone isn't trying to make me do something I don't want to do, or is being rude, I'm down for pretty much anything.
  12. SpookybunzSM

    Twitter used by her to bully and hate on cam models

    All of the above, people go on girls accounts, rip all the images and then post them on forums for other people to use for this kind of crap. All the chan boards of full of these. Usually these people have no life of their own and just live vicariously (and anonymously) through "someone...
  13. SpookybunzSM

    Twitter used by her to bully and hate on cam models

    I don't think this is the actual owner of this account. It looks like all the "selfies" are screen shots from something like Instagram or Facebook. Some of them are cropped badly at that. One of the pictures used was of a german model named Lorena Rae In fact this user has another account with...
  14. SpookybunzSM

    Offline tip before first broadcast

    She may not be fully verified on the site yet. They have to approve her ID and she has to finish her profile and payment info before it goes live and you're able to tip her. Just a warning though, tipping her before her first broadcast will not affect her camscore at all. I learned that the...
  15. SpookybunzSM

    Do you girls have a boyfriend/husband?

    I have a boyfriend and we used to live in a bachelor apartment, this took a lot of working around his schedule because I was using our only sleeping space as my work space. We made it work though, I would just get him to put on music, and I would put on music too so it kept a barrier of sound...