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    Summer is here and I love the sun and suntanning!

    Summer is here and I love the sun and suntanning!
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    Spring is on the way! Time for less clothing!

    Spring is on the way! Time for less clothing!
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    wishlist (not amazon)?

    It will show the city and state but not the actual address on Amazon. Gift Cards are great. :)
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    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    I think it is hard to find good moderators and so typically we do it ourselves. We are now going to require our moderators to be a VIP/Fan Member. We would like that person to be with us on a regular basis and be a consistent part of our room. Our current VIP Members just enjoy being in our room...
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    Doing better in solo than in couple

    We are an american couple and we do better in our couple shows most nights than I do in a solo show.
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    Less unsightly hitachi like toy?

    It is a Domi and it is amazing - it gets me off so much and it can make me squirt like crazy too. I absolutely love it! (I do know what you mean though about lovense toys - my lush is glitchy sometimes. My Domi has never had issues though!)
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    Did webcamming help your body image issues?

    I love hearing the compliments from the users in my room - it definitely helped my image self esteem. Occasionally there will be a negative comment but it typically is related to my small tits or my age...I like my small tits and that doesn't insult me. I also know that I look younger so if...
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    That ever happen to you .. ??? ;)

    Go into your token stats and find the username. Then you need to just click on the name - with the normal click (typically left click). That is odd that it wouldn't take you anywhere...maybe someone else has had this happen. Very odd...
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    Dressing up your profile

    We use imgur as well. We have done our bio by ourselves and found it tricky to find what to do and use. Once we figured out what works it is super easy. We really like the way that we can do our bio page by ourselves and update it as we choose. Let me know if you need any help.
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    Chaturbate 1099 Form

    I was curious when they would be mailed as well and I contact CB support. They emailed me back within 24 hours and then they attached the 1099 in the email as well as telling me they already mailed them out. On the one they emailed me it said Multi Media LLC. I have not received my mail copy...
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    New status on chaturbate

    Happy birthday and take full advantage of that "new" tag! Cam as much as you can in that first week because that is how you will build up a larger user base! :)
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    That ever happen to you .. ??? ;)

    I have never had it happen where I didn't know the user. However, you should be able to click on their username and then "follow" them. You would then be able to see if they are online again so that you would be able to thank him.
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    Real Names

    I have a stage name that is a "real name" even if it is not my real name. I have never had a customer ask me what my "real name" is. If a customer tells me their real name in a tip note or in a PM I ask if it is okay if I say it out loud. I have never had anyone share their name with me that was...
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    Anyone likes metal music here?

    I really like Rob Zombie, Skillet, Marilyn Manson.
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    How to contact punker barbie?

    If you go to this forum: When posting for help - proper format for questions at the top of that forum it says her name @punker - if you click on it then you can send her message in a conversation or you can just post it on that thread as long as it is in that forum - she would like you to post...