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  1. VeronicaChaos

    Recording Bots selling you on other sites...

    Reminder to never fill out a DCMA with your legal name. That information is given to them and sometimes posted publicly.
  2. VeronicaChaos

    Sh*tposting great market research for models/members...

    It always amazes me how so many men disregard the emotional labor sex workers go through for their job, as though having a conversation with everyone who says hi is not gonna lead to massive burnout. This is honestly something I've noticed in every dude who I've talked about sex work with...
  3. VeronicaChaos

    Did webcamming help your body image issues?

    I honestly feel like you're not gonna get an accurate response on this. Everyone that has had positive body image as a result will respond, but most women who have been negatively affected are gonna keep that to themselves. We're at a point in sex work "empowerment" where it's kinda taboo to...
  4. VeronicaChaos

    Disneyfied - what exactly is it?

    I think this is the best description. It's not one thing specifically, but rather whatever was popular/successful gets added to the algorithm to be used over and over, regardless of the franchise. A great example of this is Gaurdians of the Galaxy and Star Wars. James Gunn was great at that...
  5. VeronicaChaos

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I have no idea who this is, but this sounds incredibly straightforward. She obviously doesn't know the winning number, it's automated and random (and if it weren't people would accuse her of rigging the game). She is making her own guesses to encourage people to tip. It could have been the...
  6. VeronicaChaos

    Is the upfront cost of an HDMI-capable camera, capture card, technical investment, worth it?

    Honestly, camming on a DSLR is a pain in the ass (I did it for a year). You can't mount it to your monitor, so unless you have the perfect setup there's gonna be some disconnect with the viewer. Also, most DSLRs don't do HDMI out, and it takes a fair amount of research to find out which ones...
  7. VeronicaChaos

    Non-holiday shows or movies you associate with the holidays?

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Thanksgiving.
  8. VeronicaChaos

    OBS available on MFC: HD Streaming!

    If you run OBS on SM and have a high powered laptop, that's almost certainly not the problem (but yes, you add a different webpage the same way you add Alerts but with a different URL). It sounds like a coincidence. The RTMP feature is still pretty buggy, and an hour isn't really that much...
  9. VeronicaChaos

    Are you a sex worker?

    I do, maybe because I was a stripper beforehand so I've always considered myself "in the industry" so to me sex worker has always been a comfortable term, but I also don't have any issue with camgirls who don't want to use it. Solidarity in the industry is awesome but not every camgirl is in...
  10. VeronicaChaos

    OBS available on MFC: HD Streaming!

    Not to be contrary, but I feel like this isn't actually possible. The alerts is just a webpage you use as a source in OBS. The content of our OBS stream doesn't have any effect on how it uploads to the server; it's still gonna be using the bitrate and resolution you selected. You could load...
  11. VeronicaChaos

    An introduction to DivaTraffic - Traffic service for cam models!

    A few questions: What do the popups look like? Are they just a chatroom window or do they include some sort of narrative (ie sexy teen wants your cock). Do you have any screenshots of what they actually look like? Most models are very particular about the appearance of their ads. Do you have...
  12. VeronicaChaos

    Netflix movie CAM

    I've watched this movie too many times lol, but in my defense I saw with camgirls first, and then a non-camgirl friend, and then I wanted to watch it by myself. soo I have some thoughts! 1. I think maybe a lot of people aren't familiar with deep fake technology and that part of the film was...
  13. VeronicaChaos

    OBS available on MFC: HD Streaming!

    It's pretty standard for the chat to be on the right. That's where it is on twitch, nood, cb, YouTube and nearly every other streaming platform. Doesn't really make sense for them to change it. It'd be cool if you could move the windows around though!
  14. VeronicaChaos

    Are ya P.C. Bro'?

    I agree, and I think sometimes that the main reason PC culture has become a hot topic (for people both for and against it) is how people are more often speaking publicly via social media as opposed to private conversations with close friends. We've gotten so used to the overshare, using our...
  15. VeronicaChaos

    OBS available on MFC: HD Streaming!

    Just wanted to pop in to say that the new Charlesbot scripts work in xsplit even if you're using it as a virtual camera instead of the beta HD streaming. I'm not sure what the minimum token amount is though, I think it's 10? Kinda neat, nothing super fancy but cute!