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age verification denied

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  1. S

    Age verification

    Hello @punker barbie I am trying to get my age verified but it's showing unsupported ,I have already tried 5-10 times to verify my age . Can you please help me with age verification Cb username - stereliz
  2. terran_loves_everyone_98

    age verification denied reason : region restricted

    hello i have been verified on chaturbate for almost 6 years and this is my username :- terran_loves_everyone_98 . so i did the new verification and i was rejected becouse of restricted region ! it was fine all these years so i dont get it and i reached out twice to chaturbate support but never...
  3. B

    Chaturbate agre verification help

    Hey!! I posted in a reddit thread and got told to post over here. (Australia based) I’m completely new to camming and thought I’d start at trying Chaturbate. The only current ID I have is a Keypass/proof of age card and it’s not an accepted ID apparently. I’ve tried to use my hole punched...
  4. GothicGirl

    valid id rejected [AGE VERIFICATION] 18933805

    My user is @libdream my ticket is 18933805, I been broadcasting for more than 6 months my dirver license is a valid document here in Colombia, I'm 24 i don't even look underage, i would like some help they decided today that my document is not longer valid for not reason, they are asking me to...
  5. H

    age verification help

    Hi everyone! I'm having trouble with my age verification on chaturbate. I'm from argentina, and it doesnt seem to recognize my ID. I've uploaded several pictures but there's always a problem. I contacted support but didn't give me an answer. Can anyone help me? Please? @punker barbie I read that...
  6. CuckMeister69

    Age Verification Ban

    My account was banned a few days ago for not going through the age verification process and I think I might be having trouble getting completely verified, the site is saying “ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age verified on your account. If you are replacing an existing ID, please...
  7. P

    Would chaturbate accept my drivers license? [AGE VERIFICATION]

    Best regards people! My CB account is PervboysX , ticket 18145160 I have a doubt, I have been trying to verify my Chaturbate account, but I always receive a message saying that I need to upload a passport. I have uploaded my national ID and my driver's license. It's almost impossible for me to...
  8. C

    Age verification failed and account banned!

    My Username is "SexyAvneet". I have tried to get age verified on chaturbate but unfortunately my account got banned after submitting my documents. I'm really upset about this matter. Photo was clear, i have followed all the rules. I really want to start camming on chaturbate. Someone please...
  9. B

    Age verification denied

    Hi everyone, i have been having problems with my age verification. Tried to go through the process about 14 hrs ago everything went smooth, got the age verification mail that it was ok and after 2 minutes received another email in which stated that my age verification was denied because “ID not...