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Age Verification issue (after months of seamless broadcasts) right before a large payout I am relying on.

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Aug 11, 2023
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@punker barbie Regards,

I have been SOLO broadcasting on Chaturbate as RockPierce for the last few months (first test cast was in June). I waited for quite a large amount of tokens to amass (my first mistake) before choosing to convert to USD for payout. It would be paying out to direct deposit in the next few days. Unfortunately this morning when logging in I saw that my age verification was no longer active and my account no longer had the ability to broadcast. I immediately contacted support (after re-reading the TOS about other models appearing on cam and acknowledging it). I thought it may have been in reference to one evening when my girlfriend (she wold very much start camming with me regularly) and I were browsing rooms. I showed her the c2c function but do not recall the caster ever accepting to view or cam. I was just introducing her to features and letting her get comfortable in front of the camera (the small c2c box bottom right). We were having "fun" and after about 15 minutes or so let the laptop sleep (I don't know if the c2c and camera were still on.) Nor did I know this was considered a broadcast. But because of the TOS read I made a connection and clearly stated it. I re-uploaded my docs (they were still approved), and the selfie and they were approved again. So my age verification is "technically approved". Support did finally respond (because of the large sum I am seriously relying on all SOLO broadcasts in my room hours of work public and private I was and am concerned as I do not see my direct deposit info and the tokens are "converted") and did verify "the woman with (her hair color and what she was wearing) on the couch and the date". It was what I had thought. We tried to verify that night but I don't think her camera caught her selfie. So I immediately let her know and she uploaded her DL and selfie. She attempted to do so three times. It should have been accepted. She also filled out the proper form (using her email address instead of my accounts). The third attempt didn't list issues with ID's (blurry etc. like 1 and 2) but instead request we contact support. We have but no answer. We are both 40+ years of age. They have all my docs and I am approved. They have hers but nada. My first concern is of course the payout. i see posts and read "forfeit" and it's not a good feeling. Next I do respect TOS and love the ability to do this work and would like to continue. She would like to join me for fun and occasional work herself. Is there anything I can do? Is the fact my direct deposit info missing leaving my converted but not yet paid out converted tokens in limbo? I emailed more than once (I see that's not a god idea s it back cues me). ANY and ALL help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Not a sob story but this money is roof over my head money and this couldn't be worse timing. It was also some time ago so it seems odd I was flagged right before the payouts. She did not appear in ANY of my actual broadcasts. I am not sure if listing my People Id is safe but if you need it I can send. I can also upload what the Age Verification page looks like at the moment.

Thanks for any possible support you can provide or suggestions,

My issue was handled and resolved. CB Support finally verified my GF's uploaded docs and selfie yesterday. The funds were also returned and because it was two payouts of over $50 I am able to have them released using "Request Daily Payout.

Since becoming a model (camming years ago was ARCHAIC, although i have always found the support in this domain friendly and helpful), I have found CB support to be extremely helpful and understanding. I suppose I would advise anyone with a similar issue/s such as mine to be patient and work with support in resolving your issue. As long as you are on the up and up they always help.

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