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age verify problem

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  1. GothicGirl

    valid id rejected [AGE VERIFICATION] 18933805

    My user is @libdream my ticket is 18933805, I been broadcasting for more than 6 months my dirver license is a valid document here in Colombia, I'm 24 i don't even look underage, i would like some help they decided today that my document is not longer valid for not reason, they are asking me to...
  2. H

    age verification help

    Hi everyone! I'm having trouble with my age verification on chaturbate. I'm from argentina, and it doesnt seem to recognize my ID. I've uploaded several pictures but there's always a problem. I contacted support but didn't give me an answer. Can anyone help me? Please? @punker barbie I read that...
  3. P

    Would chaturbate accept my drivers license? [AGE VERIFICATION]

    Best regards people! My CB account is PervboysX , ticket 18145160 I have a doubt, I have been trying to verify my Chaturbate account, but I always receive a message saying that I need to upload a passport. I have uploaded my national ID and my driver's license. It's almost impossible for me to...
  4. C

    Age verification failed and account banned!

    My Username is "SexyAvneet". I have tried to get age verified on chaturbate but unfortunately my account got banned after submitting my documents. I'm really upset about this matter. Photo was clear, i have followed all the rules. I really want to start camming on chaturbate. Someone please...
  5. M

    Moonkitten28 account is verified but can not stream due to age verification being requested

    Hello, Moonkitten28 account is verified but can not stream due to age verification being requested. However when resubmitting the message says that we are already verified. We can not stream or add pictures due to this. Help! And thanks!!
  6. S

    Age Verification Denied Because I've Already Been Age Verified?

    I set up on Chaturbate last week and submitted my age verification and was approved. This evening, in the middle of broadcasting, I was bumped off and told that I needed hadn't done the age verification. I followed their link and saw my original documents were still uploaded. I checked the...
  7. D

    Age Verification

    I've been a chaturbate user for years, and have made a few hundred dollars through it. My ID expired and I tried using a different one which wasn't accepted. I got a new drivers license and uploaded it, but it's been like 4 days. Last time I added an ID, it took like 5 minutes. Could someone...
  8. natashafreckles

    Chaturbate is confusing me, i need help. :(

    Hey girls, im trying hard to verify my age but they always say that i "look too young" even when i already send my documentation prooving that im over 18. I really dont know what to do anymore, i have sent a lot of mails to support and they banned my account 2 times, i wad banned, so i received...