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Unable to complete age verification although I have been verified?

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Oct 22, 2023
Hi, I signed up to chaturbate because me and my partner wanted to start live streaming together as we already film content. But I am also wanting to do solo streams. We have even invested in an interactive toy and new webcam for this.

We both verified our age, I verified it for the first time on October 17th, then I was asked to verify again on the 19th, so I complied and both of these verification attempts have said sucessful). Then for some reason have attempted to verify again that same day, which I have done (this verification was unsuccessful because apparently my selfie was too blurry). Have since attempted to verify myself multiple times, it says successful but neither of us can stream as it still says my age is not verified…. And to reattempt the one that failed.

I cannot remove the failed attempt, so I deleted my account @Scarlettbbby (which is my handle across all sites so I was wanting to keep this username) and have made a new account @scarlettbbbby and have completed verification but it still says I need to fix the one that didn’t work??

Please help me, how do I delete the failed attempt? Can I get my old username back?


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