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age verification

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  1. Vitaviper

    Age verification, banned account and token movement

    My account was banned! I did not use the account for like 2 days it says that someone appear that has no documents, so i reupload my own documents and they said i was alredy verified, then y try with my friend documents as we were going to stream as couple and they block my account completly...
  2. C

    Does chaturbate accept Venezuelans? (valid id rejected) [AGE VERIFICATION]

    They rejected my driver license for no reason and they are asking for passport now i don't have one and is very hard to get one, my account is catsdream and my ticket is 18334964 2 Files Uploaded - Submitted Oct. 1, 2021, 2:23 a.m. ID is not valid. Reason: Need a Passport 2 Files Uploaded -...
  3. H

    Denied Age Verification

    To whom it may concern, Kindly help me account be verified on Chaturbate. I have been uploading photos but I’m getting denied on the “next to face ID” picture always and it’s getting frustrating. I have sent also an email to Support Team but no response. Ticket No: 18313682 Username...
  4. P

    Would chaturbate accept my drivers license? [AGE VERIFICATION]

    Best regards people! My CB account is PervboysX , ticket 18145160 I have a doubt, I have been trying to verify my Chaturbate account, but I always receive a message saying that I need to upload a passport. I have uploaded my national ID and my driver's license. It's almost impossible for me to...
  5. lovemir

    Suspicious bloks of the model's accounts

    Hello @punker barbie In June, three subaccounts of my studio's models were blocked due to "substantial number of complaints from Chaturbate users who believe that they look too young to be on the site", which looks like a planned assault of the unscrupulous users, because none of the...
  6. C

    Age verification failed and account banned!

    My Username is "SexyAvneet". I have tried to get age verified on chaturbate but unfortunately my account got banned after submitting my documents. I'm really upset about this matter. Photo was clear, i have followed all the rules. I really want to start camming on chaturbate. Someone please...
  7. Borschie

    Showed my desktop and now PERMANENTLY banned for 'Not age verifying the person on my desktop'

    Hi, I showed my desktop because I set my stream preset to Twitch instead of Chaturbate, by accident, and I run a sculpting stream where I sculpt people's faces. So I had an image of Karlie Kloss on my screen for a minute on Chaturbate before I turned off the stream on Chaturbate. Anyway, I am...
  8. P

    got banned by certain model ban proceed in new account

    Hello 2 models banned me for no reason on my old account which was age verified .. one of them banned permanently and other was freshly banning me. after thinking I felt my account doesnt help me so I deleted it. I created new account and I was able to see their rooms. I submitted my age...
  9. B

    Age verification denied

    Hi everyone, i have been having problems with my age verification. Tried to go through the process about 14 hrs ago everything went smooth, got the age verification mail that it was ok and after 2 minutes received another email in which stated that my age verification was denied because “ID not...
  10. I

    Would chaturbate accept my drivers license? [AGE VERIFICATION]

    Hello, i am new to these platforms and I am looking for help regarding my account. I have submitted my Venezuela ID and it was denied. I have done some research and yes, Venezuela ID is clearly currently not permitted at Chaturbate. Well, it does ask me for a Driver's license or Passport. I do...
  11. G

    Can't get verified?

    Hey there so i've been trying to verify my chaturbate account so i can start receiving tokens however every time i've tried I end up getting rejected with this msg "ID is not valid. Reason: Restricted Region" which is really perplexing as i've seen other cammers from the same country camming and...
  12. S

    Age Verification Denied Because I've Already Been Age Verified?

    I set up on Chaturbate last week and submitted my age verification and was approved. This evening, in the middle of broadcasting, I was bumped off and told that I needed hadn't done the age verification. I followed their link and saw my original documents were still uploaded. I checked the...
  13. K

    Banned although I’m already age verified..

    In the middle of my stream tonight I got a message saying that I can no longer receive tokens because everyone on stream must be age verified on my account... I was the only person on stream and at no point had anyone else been in it but me, I have also already streamed before for almost 5 hours...
  14. E

    Age verification with Expired passport

    Hey, I was wondering if there is any chance of doing the age verification with my Expired passport or my ID. We are a couple from Venezuela and here it's hard to get a New passport, it could take years. My partner Eliza has her drivers license but I only have my expired passport and my ID. I...
  15. E

    Account Banned for Age Verification :(

    Hello! my partner and I just ser uo our account and it got banned within the first hour. We both submitted our age verifications. I emailed and recieved no reply, I really dont want to make a whole new account for this to work. Please someone help!
  16. S

    Age verification denied 5 times

    So CB has denied my age verification for the 5th time. I literally took pictures from every angle possible and in most of them you can see my picture, name, dob. But yet the automated message keeps on saying it’s too dark or show your entire face. Any tips on how to get it verified? I used my...
  17. F

    ID not verified, keeps on being declined. HELP.

    Hi guys! my boyfriend and I have registered on Chaturbate under the username: fitandfreak and wanted to verify our age and account. He is Bulgarian and I am Serbian, we live together in Serbia. We uploaded the pictures of us and IDs and his was approved, while mine - on the other hand - was...
  18. D

    Age Verification

    I've been a chaturbate user for years, and have made a few hundred dollars through it. My ID expired and I tried using a different one which wasn't accepted. I got a new drivers license and uploaded it, but it's been like 4 days. Last time I added an ID, it took like 5 minutes. Could someone...
  19. kushcutie

    Can’t get age verified

    hi my name is kushcutie and I’ve been trying to get age verified for two days now on CB. I took so many pictures and finally, I took the clearest possible picture of my ID next to my face. The annoying thing is I’m just getting bot responses because I know if a human were to see the pictures...
  20. P

    Want to remove Chaturbate ID info

    Hello; I realize this may not be the most on-topic post for this forum, but I just really feel like I messed up, and would love to have some guidance here. So a few nights ago, after suffering from bad anxiety/panic attacks for a while, Chaturbate came to mind as a way of keeping my mind off...