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age verification

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  1. terran_loves_everyone_98

    age verification denied reason : region restricted

    hello i have been verified on chaturbate for almost 6 years and this is my username :- terran_loves_everyone_98 . so i did the new verification and i was rejected becouse of restricted region ! it was fine all these years so i dont get it and i reached out twice to chaturbate support but never...
  2. P

    Serious problem with age verification... PLEASE HELP!!!

    My boyfriend somehow was seen on camera and my account was suspended. I repeatedly have taken the photos of his i.d. and had him do the face scan , I'm talking over 30 times. First it started the problem was with the face scan part. After about 10 times and me switching to do it on my computer...
  3. N

    Age verification and banned account

    Your request (20021783) my nickname: dolly_gimson Hello, I have never previously worked on your site as webcams. This is my first attempt to register, I uploaded my passport to the Russian Federation several times, but your system does not recognize the photo. Perhaps this is some kind of...
  4. N

    Age verification

    @панкер барби [Chaturbate] 19593747 - Re: Age Verification Hello, I can't go through an age test. The system requested a Russian passport. Please check carefully, I load the passport of the Russian Federation, Russia. The reason for the deviation of documents "Need a Russian Passport"
  5. A

    Permanent ban "Payment is Being Held"

    Hello, i received permanent ban. Last time i broadcasted in march 14, in march 16 i did transfer, in 18 march i received email from CB 19309386 "Payment is Being Held" and that i need to submit appropriate age verification, I followed the age verification link and get the "Account Banned" page...
  6. N

    Account verification

    Hello, please account verification: Molly_Hubbard 19250865
  7. H

    ID is not valid. Reason: Restricted Region

    Hello there! I've tried to verificate my age at Chaturbate but still have " ID is not valid. Reason: Restricted Region". Both photos have good quality and meet the requirements. So I don't really know what to do :( I wrote a letter to support but they did not give me any answer. After that I...
  8. S

    Support refuses to accept ID and general passport

    Good day to this wonderful forum, as well as representatives of the industry. There was a problem when untying the account from the studio profile. Support refuses to accept my ID, in particular asks for the 2nd form of ID. I have already sent the second party ID and even a civil (foreign)...
  9. A

    Age verification

    Hello Good day @punker barbie My nickname on Chaturbate: anny_toto I have a problem with age verification. I attached, as requested, a scan of the passport (international) and a photo of the face + passport, I did everything as written in the instructions on the Chaturbate website. They...
  10. GothicGirl

    valid id rejected [AGE VERIFICATION] 18933805

    My user is @libdream my ticket is 18933805, I been broadcasting for more than 6 months my dirver license is a valid document here in Colombia, I'm 24 i don't even look underage, i would like some help they decided today that my document is not longer valid for not reason, they are asking me to...
  11. B

    Age verification problems

    Hello! I am experiencing problems registering on the site chaturbate. The problem indicates that I do not look like myself in my passport, I sent 9 different photos, but the site still does not confirm my documents, and the support answers the same as a robot. Can anyone help me? Please...
  12. H

    age verification help

    Hi everyone! I'm having trouble with my age verification on chaturbate. I'm from argentina, and it doesnt seem to recognize my ID. I've uploaded several pictures but there's always a problem. I contacted support but didn't give me an answer. Can anyone help me? Please? @punker barbie I read that...
  13. Vitaviper

    Age verification, banned account and token movement

    My account was banned! I did not use the account for like 2 days it says that someone appear that has no documents, so i reupload my own documents and they said i was alredy verified, then y try with my friend documents as we were going to stream as couple and they block my account completly...
  14. GothicGirl

    Does chaturbate accept Venezuelans? (valid id rejected) [AGE VERIFICATION]

    They rejected my driver license for no reason and they are asking for passport now i don't have one and is very hard to get one, my account is catsdream and my ticket is 18334964 2 Files Uploaded - Submitted Oct. 1, 2021, 2:23 a.m. ID is not valid. Reason: Need a Passport 2 Files Uploaded -...
  15. H

    Denied Age Verification

    To whom it may concern, Kindly help me account be verified on Chaturbate. I have been uploading photos but I’m getting denied on the “next to face ID” picture always and it’s getting frustrating. I have sent also an email to Support Team but no response. Ticket No: 18313682 Username...
  16. P

    Would chaturbate accept my drivers license? [AGE VERIFICATION]

    Best regards people! My CB account is PervboysX , ticket 18145160 I have a doubt, I have been trying to verify my Chaturbate account, but I always receive a message saying that I need to upload a passport. I have uploaded my national ID and my driver's license. It's almost impossible for me to...
  17. lovemir

    Suspicious bloks of the model's accounts

    Hello @punker barbie In June, three subaccounts of my studio's models were blocked due to "substantial number of complaints from Chaturbate users who believe that they look too young to be on the site", which looks like a planned assault of the unscrupulous users, because none of the...
  18. C

    Age verification failed and account banned!

    My Username is "SexyAvneet". I have tried to get age verified on chaturbate but unfortunately my account got banned after submitting my documents. I'm really upset about this matter. Photo was clear, i have followed all the rules. I really want to start camming on chaturbate. Someone please...
  19. Borschie

    Showed my desktop and now PERMANENTLY banned for 'Not age verifying the person on my desktop'

    Hi, I showed my desktop because I set my stream preset to Twitch instead of Chaturbate, by accident, and I run a sculpting stream where I sculpt people's faces. So I had an image of Karlie Kloss on my screen for a minute on Chaturbate before I turned off the stream on Chaturbate. Anyway, I am...
  20. P

    got banned by certain model ban proceed in new account

    Hello 2 models banned me for no reason on my old account which was age verified .. one of them banned permanently and other was freshly banning me. after thinking I felt my account doesnt help me so I deleted it. I created new account and I was able to see their rooms. I submitted my age...