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Chaturbate age verification problem

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Dec 13, 2021
Hello, @punker our model is 20 years old, she recently replaced her passport in Russia and she cannot pass the passport check. The system and the robot each time indicate that it is necessary to confirm the passport, although we made 20 attempts to upload the passport. We also wrote a letter to the post office and attached a photo of a passport and a photo of a passport with a face, we also attached a third photo that shows that this is a Russian passport, but there is still no answer from them.

Also, with each attempt to verify the account, we chose the passport and applied the passport for verification.

Model name: Erika_Charles

Person Code: IGZU6D
Hello @nyxstudio I have confirmed that the support team has responded to your inquiry.
⁠⁠Thank you for submitting your Russian internal/domestic passport for review. Unfortunately, your Russian internal/domestic passport does not meet our requirements. Please submit a valid international Russian passport at

This is a response to a technical support letter, but I do not have a foreign passport and I do not visit other countries. It is not legal to require a foreign passport. According to the law, a citizen is required to have only an internal passport and it is also suitable for age verification

Please help me to pass the identity check on the internal passport of the Russian Federation, all our models undergo identity verification with the internal passport of Russia
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