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verification chaturbate

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  1. A

    age verification for someone who appeared on my stream

    hello, im a new model and i have been on chaturbate for less than a week i dont have experience as a cam girl and 2 days ago my boyfriend appeared on my stream and i got cut off. i did not know why at the time i clicked "broadcast yourself" again, and it said i had to get age verified. confused...
  2. S

    CB wont accept my license

    hi! @punker barbie im making a new CB studio, i one of my models doesnt have passport so we make her a new DRIVER LICENSE, we live in venezuela, i tried to upload both ID(not passport) and the new DRIVER LICENCESE i did upload front band back of the id. "2 Files Uploaded - Submitted Oct. 14...
  3. dickwow99

    Payment on Hold by CB

    Hey there, I had an issue with my verification as cb wanted only passport and I driver's license, but @punker barbie was able to help me with it and my account was verified and I was able to receive tokens. Here is the link to my old issue for reference. I decided to get a payout and added...
  4. F

    Couple account-and girlfriend is having problem with verification

    Hey me and my man have couple account of chaturbate and want to start camming. my man uploaded his files to get verified and was verified very quickly.... but when i went to add my age verification files it took a while to get verified and it got denied first time because the very top of my head...
  5. A

    I can't verify my account

    I am Venezuelan and I am trying to verify my account in Chatubate several times using my drivers license and it will not let me, they ask for a passport and in my country it is difficult to get it. About a year ago I had an account but I lost the password and I could not recover it, can you help...
  6. A

    Chaturbate denying my verification constantly!

    hey ya'll, I hope i'm posting in the right place! i'm new to camming, although i used to be a seller (panties, videos etc) I've been trying to get myself verified on chaturbate, but they ask me to verify using my passport! I live in India and I've sent them images of my Aadhar card (identity...
  7. pljeska

    Age verification denied multiple times

    I tried 3 times and my age verification kept getting denied. i have been trying this for a few days. used id but still rejected. can some one help? my username is pljeska .
  8. H

    age verification fails on chaturbate :(

    Hello, We (couple) try to verificate our account on chaturbate. maybe @punker Barbie can help us?? We get the message: Reason: this person is already age verified on your account.... but we can't broadcast because our account has been banned due the age verification.. what can we do...