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Age Verification Ban

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Oct 6, 2021
Chaturbate Username
My account was banned a few days ago for not going through the age verification process and I think I might be having trouble getting completely verified, the site is saying “ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age verified on your account. If you are replacing an existing ID, please contact support.” and I keep signing the agreement to see if that’s the problem but it still says “Your verification information was not accepted” So I’m not sure if what exactly is going on here, I really want to keep using this account and I have been submitting emails to support but haven’t had any response or updates of this issue to help me resolve this problem. Any help from the CB team of this forum or advice from past users who have dealt with this problem would be definitely appreciated.

My username: cuckmeister69
My last submitted support email request number is #18374679
Oct 16, 2021
Hello! Number ticket 18425529

I have created a new @harubaby account. After uploading the documents, he was banned. I tried to redo the photos and upload them, but you sent an email stating that a person with this ID has already been verified. I have never broken the rules of your site and I promise not to break it. Waiting for your answer.
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