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  1. ReinaStorm

    Using Onlyfans with Android Please Help January 2020

    I just started a Onlyfans last month. I currently have an Android phone. I have not been able to find an app to use Onlyfans on my Android. I have only been able to access it through my computer. I saw somewhere that google won't allow an app through the playstore because it's against its...
  2. Lorena Brink

    Question: App Permissions on Dual Sim phones.

    I'm about to buy a Dual Sim phone (Android) so I have 1 sim for personal use and 1 for this work. I know you can bind each app to a specific sim card but one thing stays unclear to me and I hope someone in here can answer this to me, out of experience: Let's say I want to install Instagram. I...
  3. Davd James

    Use your Smart Phone for controlling your OBS / Chaturbate Chat room

    The other day I was experimenting with my cam show. I have set up multiple IP cameras in various rooms so that my cam show is a more personal day-in-the-life show. The problem is that if you step away from your computer screen you can no longer see the room conversation. What I really need...
  4. KristinKervz

    The Word Predictor Game

    I'm not sure if iPhones do this, but if you have an android, go to any random text conversation and tap your word predictor however many times you feel necessary. These are usually hilarious. Here's mine: I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I don't know. Thanks for the first time...