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banned model chaturbate

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  1. butterflymilk

    Account Banned

    @punker barbie / @AmberCutie Today whilst streaming on CB my account Butterflymilk received a warning for discussing body fluids with someone in chat, nothing was shown. I accepted the warning and did not mention it again. I then received another 2 warnings for the same thing, despite not...
  2. K

    Help banned my account and banned my living room

    Help please my account conejita_playboy__ I wanted to transmit with a friend and we did not know that their documents were banned and when I entered them they banned my account I ask that please help me eliminate those documents from the juro that I did not know please help me I had money from...
  3. B

    Ban inquiry/ Unban Appeal - bunnyboitwnk

    Dear Chaturbate Staff, I go by the user name of bunnyboitwnk on chaturbate and I have been a model for a few months now. Ive had lots of early success to my surprise and I've been doing nothing than grinding even more. I work very hard to keep a civil chat room where everyone feels included. I'm...
  4. S

    I got banned on chaturbate because I streamed in public place.

    @punker barbie can you help me? My username is: savior555 And my ticket number is (20178509) And today I got banned because I streamed from a public place. I had no idea until I got banned suddenly without any warning. I would never continue streaming if I got warning and I got no idea I was...
  5. L

    Account banned uwutkmeow

    I am reaching out as my good friends account has been banned from Chaturbate and we can not understand why. I believe there has been a misunderstanding. This is absolutely devastating as my friend relies on her page to pay rent and buy food. I'm hoping someone can please throw us a lifeline 🙏...
  6. A

    My account Status

    i just recently received my Passport id and planning to work on chaturbate site to be a model i register as a model and uploaded on Age Verification my id and my face with my id several times it was denied cause of the quality of the picture then suddenly i received an email and check my...