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I got banned on chaturbate because I streamed in public place.

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Aug 26, 2022
@punker barbie can you help me?
My username is: savior555
And my ticket number is (20178509)
And today I got banned because I streamed from a public place. I had no idea until I got banned suddenly without any warning. I would never continue streaming if I got warning and I got no idea I was breaking the rules. Also the place was a park next to my house and literally almost noone passes around that place at that hour. I know I'm supposed to read terms and conditions but I somehow did not remember that. It has been emotionally draining since I got banned and I can't reach my followers. It was like my social environment and social circle. I would appreciate any comments or any help. Is my account permanently banned or can it be reopened for my reach 😔 I sent support ticket but I have not got any response since 12 hours.
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Today I got banned again and I don't even know the reason for that. They warned me about not streaming outside and I did not violate it already. I would like to learn my ban reason and get unbanned if possible. @punker barbie
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