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banned chaturbate

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  1. Gaperboi

    Account Ban Appeal

    Hello there everyone, i hope you are doing well this holiday season. My account Browardboy69 was banned today. Stream cut out while talking to users. I have been streaming on for years now with over 47k followers. Camming is my main source of income. Had my age verification randomly removed and...
  2. B

    Banned from Chaturbate...please Help!

    Hello everyone , Unfortunately and to my surprise i got banned yesterday. Did PVT shows in the morning, when i logged in during the afternoon i was banned because i 'may have violated your terms of service'. No further explanation given and no replies to my inquires to lift this ban or...
  3. F

    Account SUSPENDED Help please <3

    Good day everyone! My partners accounts got suspended last night cause I entered the stream and hugged her, without showing my face but I had completed succesfully the verification process with my ID on her account, I dont understand how that could happen and how to AVOID that in the future? I...
  4. Jenniferwhorence

    Banned without any reason, support has not gotten back to me in days, I have tokens I NEED to cash out in order to support myself. HELP

    Hi @punker barbie, I am hopeful you can help me here. I am @Jenniferwhorance on CB. I am a user who has always respected this platform, never done drugs or used alcohol or been intoxicated while on stream. I never direct traffic offline to other places for video chat and have written...
  5. P

    wrongfully banned

    Hello @punker barbie , Unfortunately and to my surprise i got banned a few days ago. Did PVT shows in the morning, the same stuff i have literally done over a 100+ times over the course of 3+ years and when i logged in during the afternoon i was banned because i 'may have violated your terms...
  6. E

    banned account

    greetings @punker barbie barbie this message is to ask you for help with a situation, on August 29 the account elixirstudio17 uploaded two identity documents responding to orders from chaturbate support to update using the new identity verification method, but up to date Next I find that the...
  7. T


    I am the payee, the owner with verification identification & as per your rules the main account holder being I am the payee & the email address on file was my personal email address and per your rules am the verified owner of the Chaturbate account username as follows; halowithhorns This was a...
  8. M

    im melody moods iand i was banned from cb because of my narcolepsy

    permanently banned for SLEEPI?NG and a complaint about another model melody moods here, sleping really?? yall jokes
  9. L


    hello @punker barbie my account was blocked by my operator. On the day of the ban, I did not go to the stream and did not go into my account. Support is not responding. I don’t know what to do, it was the only way to combine work with study and pay the rent. My nickname is Cherrybaby__ please...
  10. D

    Established user account banned on age verification attempt.

    Hi, @punker barbie - or anyone else. I’m not sure I’m the type of account you usually deal with but here goes… I think I’m looking for advice to start with. The account that has most recently been banned was “me_0w”. I got an automated response 9 Jun but nothing else, no ticket number. The...
  11. D

    Banned account:( no response since over 2 months.

    Hi @punker barbie my cb nick is davabs I have been banned and I didnt get answer since over 2 months:( I emailed, got answer that "Recently we received documentation which indicated you may have created your linked account ****** in serious violation of the Chaturbate Terms." I checked forum...
  12. P

    Immediately banned after sign up

    My account got banned immediately after completing age verification… I’ve emailed support but have yet to hear back. Username Peacelovebigcock :) Help anyone?? Thank you!
  13. L

    Account banned

    @punker barbie please help me as I really need your assistance. I broadcast under the name thegirls_girls, however I work under a studio which also has the broadcasters alice_rookie, thegirls_, luis_aven17, pacho_stormie, stormie_14, boys_girlsgirls. Currently I have a dilema where I have had...
  14. butterflymilk

    Account Banned

    @punker barbie / @AmberCutie Today whilst streaming on CB my account Butterflymilk received a warning for discussing body fluids with someone in chat, nothing was shown. I accepted the warning and did not mention it again. I then received another 2 warnings for the same thing, despite not...
  15. I

    Got banned for no reason

    Hi @punker barbie , I went to log into my account(moorz1990) and found I was banned for some unknown reason. I haven’t broken any t&c’s I know of and I’ve never been rude or disrespectful to anyone, in fact I’m fairly quite in chat rooms. I have emailed support and have heard nothing back...
  16. D

    Permanently banned

    Hi dear @punker barbie.. I was permanently banned on Chaturbate. I used to work in studio before by the account @diane_nee. And wanted to go independently and sent my ID for a new account @DianeBarbi. After age verification my new account has been banned immediately. And after that later I've...
  17. B

    account banned, no support response

    Hello, I have a problem and I can't get answers. A few days ago I was working I did a private everything normal within seconds everything was cut off and I appeared banned. I have written to support, and they do not respond at all. If you could help me in this case, I had that account for many...
  18. valentin1999

    Account banned for no reason

    Hello blog guys, on monday november 14, only in 30 minutes online, my account was banned for no reason, I had been working for chaturbate platform for 9 months, never received any WARNING or BANE before, I have been banned and asked that they answer me with the reason since I have not violated...
  19. valentin1999

    account banned for no reason

    Hello good morning group, on November 14 at 6:50 am with only 30 minutes of being online they have banned my account, I have written support from the same day of the ban and they do not respond to me, I have been more than 8 months with my account and I have never had a warning or ban before, on...
  20. valentin1999

    cuenta baneada

    good day group, I hope you are very well and @punker barbie Thanks for reading this. Today, November 14, I started broadcasting at 6:05 a.m. and at 6:55 a.m. my account was banned, I don't understand the reason or reason since I haven't broken the rules, I wasn't doing any show, I was just...