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Established user account banned on age verification attempt.

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Jun 19, 2023
Hi, @punker barbie - or anyone else.

I’m not sure I’m the type of account you usually deal with but here goes…
I think I’m looking for advice to start with.
The account that has most recently been banned was “me_0w”.
I got an automated response 9 Jun but nothing else, no ticket number. The account is stil banned.
I’m mainly a user/chatter but went for age verification so that I could broadcast casually.

I had a previous account that was banned at the verfication stage (I didn’t fight it at the time - I come to the site for chatty fun not to do admin. Maybe I should have fought harder)

I have a long email ready to send that pleads my case, I’d like to resolve this for the good of both me and the site (I know I’m small fry but I do spend regular tokens - “purple-user”). But if that is not possible I want a reason because, in my book, I’ve been a good loyal customer and a community contributor (was the same with the previous acc). I love the site and would hate to consider leaving. But I also hate being somewhere I’m not wanted.

How do I get support to engage with me? How do I get them to work with me to resolve this?

I could have sent you the “big long email” but I thought I’d spare you this 😅, if it’s better sent straight to support.

Advice and/or expectation management would be appreciated. Anything.

Many Thanks

Looks like it's a straight ban....
I broke the rules once, over year ago, because I was nervous for my security over the level identification being asked for. I made a mistake. I never hid my name, age or what I looked like and that's all that CB should have been concerned with. For that not only has any chance of broadcast been taken away but everything. I can no longer be a customer. It really doesn't make sense.

There's there's no chance of reprieve, atonement, repentance, going onto a subscription, working off a penance (OK a bit over the top but I would consider it). No negotiation. And just for clarity. I'm 55, visibly over the age of majority and that's all I was trying to prove myself to be.

I would get annoyed and angry, except I really liked being on CB. So.... sad.
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