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banned account

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  1. Q

    account banned cb

    @punker barbie Hello good morning On Friday at midnight they blocked the page, I wrote to technical support but they have not given me an answer, when it was due to a typing error it was 25 and I put 15, could you please help me the ticket number is # 18388935 could you help me give more...
  2. J

    My account got banned for no reason. Please help me

    Hello. I have changed my payment Information and after i get banned. Please help me @punker barbie Please help me get my account unblocked. I ask the support but no response. Can you please ask them to reviewing my account and unblock it please. My chaturbate id: jador23 request number: 18118100...
  3. R

    Banned account on Chaturbate

    Hello, My account got banned a while back and haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone at Chaturbate to restore my account. I need help restoring my account. I heard @punker barbie can help. @punker barbie my username is: ralliart1o
  4. TheOneAra

    No idea why I got banned

    CB Username - theoneara Support ticket #: 18018567 I got randomly banned, almost immediately after having my age verification accepted. I have no idea what could've caused it considering my age verification got accepted and I've spent no money and have received no money on the site yet. All...
  5. Cox Deep

    Is your account banned? Need help?

    Is your Chaturbate Account banned? Are you having a hard time getting in touch with anyone? Or even worse, getting a response? Well I have your 100% solution guaranteed. You see, it all started yesterday, I had been banned for broadcasting outside. I totally understood why I was banned...
  6. F

    new ID verification system banned us even when we have 100% legit passports

    hey guys id like to share our case on chaturbate ... We are 2 female and 1 male performer on account: funcouple1985 Id like to point out that we signed up first time on chaturbate on march 2013 and have been cammin exclusively here since then (maybe this helps?) we were age verified and...
  7. A

    Unexpected ban

    Hello everyone, is there anyone from chaturbate support? my and my friends both accounts were banned after I logged in from my phone via vpn. I guess system thought I’m scammer and trying to steal data. I wrote support about this but they are just not responding for like 5-6 days already...

    Account Banned

    Hello, Please solve the problem I have not done anything that is contrary to the policy of the site, knowing that I work with chaturbate for 5 years and this is my source of income for only ! I was banned on Tuesday and my account with 2298 tokens was frozen, I tried to contact support but no...
  9. UrbellAxoxo

    Violation of terms and services

    Hi this is bella and ive been researching and been trying to browse online looking for some help and im so happy i found this site and ive been reading a couple hours and i see some people out here whos been already resolve there provlem by @punker barbie i actually a CB model for quite some...
  10. D

    daddiebearlover banned. Help me please

    Hello everyone. yesterday I was banned without knowing why. I wrote to support with no response. I am really sorry because it was a site that I liked a lot and I was enjoying it very sincerely. I hope barbie is able to help me seeing all the help she has given to other users. thanks in...
  11. Swet_lokki

    My account ban.

    Hello @punker barbie help me. My account ban. Fake passport? No! Help me please! @punker barbie Username: mejulia88
  12. E

    My account being banned because of expired passport

    I lost my only job and the account I worked on for almost 2 years. I can't renew my passport due to the lockdown in my country. I gave my ID but its still got rejected. The immigration office is closed until the lockdown is lifted. My bills are overdue. And I am on medication for bipolar...
  13. lovemir

    Suspicious bloks of the model's accounts

    Hello @punker barbie In June, three subaccounts of my studio's models were blocked due to "substantial number of complaints from Chaturbate users who believe that they look too young to be on the site", which looks like a planned assault of the unscrupulous users, because none of the...
  14. Siennakate

    I got banned i need help

    Hi @punker barbie please help me my account got banned yesterday, I'm not really sure I was just chatting about me wanting to be a pornstar and i dirty talk about piss, I just want to get back into work I learned my lesson, but can you please help me im desperate I've already contact support and...
  15. lokihsu

    Allow transfer of tokens and studio issues

    Hi @punker barbie Forgive me for bothering you so much :sweating: is that if you know the case that happened with the accounts that I mentioned before, it was something that came out of the hands and at the end it was a decision of the page and we understand perfectly the decision, but I wanted...
  16. lokihsu

    account was banned

    Hello, @ punker Barbie My account:hsuxu It was banned Our studio and the girls in the studio only live in chaturbate, and they are only loyal here Hope you can help us solve this problem, thank you!
  17. Giovanni616

    I got banned from chaturbate, and without any message

    Today I was streaming during the night, but just hanging out with people, then I got banned without any message or reason, chaturbate just kick me from my streaming, my account is giovannicasa10, I have already sent like 7 email's and until now no answer from chaturbate support, I'm really upset...
  18. dangerouswithrocks

    Unceremoniously banned without any communication.

    Username: dangerouswithrocks Was busy hanging out on Chaturbate, and was unceremoniously met with the infamous Account Banned page. Unfortunately the message didn't include a reason as to why, just the standard: "We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service...
  19. V

    Banned Account

    Hello, I'm a model and my account was banned on Wednesday. I got the following message: "We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding this action." At the...
  20. K

    Two accounts banned for no reason, model (close friend) tried to email CB about it to help me and got banned soon after too

    Ok so the post is exactly what the title says. I am new here and would like to get intros out of the way and all that but frankly, I am too frustrated and pissed off to do that. I wanna get straight to the point. So im not a broadcaster in CB, and yesterday my account username: daman30, got...