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banned account

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  1. valentin1999

    account banned since 2020 (help me)

    @punker barbie I hope you are very well and you can read my case that I have been having a problem that I think is an error since 2020 I tell you a little to post about my career on chaturbate. in the year 2020 he began in a study as part of the chaturbate platform, which opened an account for...
  2. interludedtears

    banned from omegle beacuse i was broadcasting from my car in front of my home..

    i was unaware that broadcasting from my car in front my home was not allowed on chaturbate. ive been banned and really really need my account back? anyone know what to do or if they can help? i contacted support but no response. I NEED my account 😭
  3. S

    I got banned on chaturbate because I streamed in public place.

    @punker barbie can you help me? My username is: savior555 And my ticket number is (20178509) And today I got banned because I streamed from a public place. I had no idea until I got banned suddenly without any warning. I would never continue streaming if I got warning and I got no idea I was...
  4. D

    "Severe Violation" Account Banned - Cannot Get Answers

    Hello all. My chaturbate username is "wealth_whispers", I had the account for maybe a few hours before it was banned for "severe violations of terms of service" . Support told me vaguely that I cannot ever make a new account and my IP is banned. I truly cannot imagine what I did that was a...
  5. loevcio

    Account banned. Please help

    Account banned (number ticket 19840608 ) (username: benitosantoss) I just added my Venezuelan driver license and got a banned. Please help. My partner is verify but not me. Help
  6. Y

    Unfair account ban

    So during the week my account @Yahhhhboi got banned for broadcasting outside in a public place. But it wasnt public. It was my own private property. And i have no neighbors and i was fully clothed. After making me verify my identity they quit responding to my email’s completely. I had money in...
  7. A

    Blocked account

    Hello! 3 months ago my account (AnnaBlondie) on SC was permanently blocked for fraudulent actions. Of course I don't understand why, especially since I had a very bad period on my account for the last two weeks and I earned about $ 100. I don't know how to prove I didn’t commit fraud.. last...
  8. L

    Account banned uwutkmeow

    I am reaching out as my good friends account has been banned from Chaturbate and we can not understand why. I believe there has been a misunderstanding. This is absolutely devastating as my friend relies on her page to pay rent and buy food. I'm hoping someone can please throw us a lifeline 🙏...
  9. M

    Account banned

    Hi! I was webcamming today on Chaturbate and all of a sudden my broadcast stopped and I saw that my account got banned. I have no clue why it happened and I have emailed Chaturbate Support, but I have not received anything yet and I am scared that I am going to lose all my tokens. I am...
  10. N

    Banned Accounts

    Hi we are a studio account with 18 active model accounts. Our studio account is active and not banned... However we seem to have an issue with uploading ID's on a regular basis. We create new accounts for brand new models that have never worked online before and almost 50% of the time the...
  11. Q

    Banned account ID error

    Hii @punker barbie Hope this thread finds you well. I just wanted to reach out because about month or two ago my CB account was banned right after I uploaded my new ID to get verified—the old one was expiring in about a week. Anyway I can’t get in touch with anyone via email so I just wanted to...
  12. L

    New account banned

    my account is banned, I have not broken any rules, I wrote to support and they ignore me, @punker barbie barbie could you help me please. my account is: Lorenafisher Thanks
  13. M

    Account banned

    @punker barbie Hello! I have a problem with Chaturbate registration. I registered on the site, uploaded the documents and was immediately banned. Support says that I should upload new photo of documents by the link. But obviously I can't. Help me please. Nickname: MysteryAlice Request...
  14. M

    My account was banned i need help

    hello @punker barbie i have a problem my account misstressemma is banned , i was not online one week becauze of holidays and whene i try this morning to go online it is banned … i have the tokens for my rent on this account i really need help ..i am sure i did not broke any rule i dont know...
  15. L

    Unban my account

    Please unban my account. My username is bigmilkynips and my ticket number is 18816226. I'm going to keep posting as this has been banned for weeks for no reason at all. I have spent hundreds of pounds too. Please unban me @punker barbie
  16. valentinvega_

    This person used my documentation to damage my image on chaturbate and cause my ban. HELP ME!!

    Ticket number: 18770449 Good morning, who is interested in my argument and my thread, thread where I come to demonstrate a monitor person who is responsible for damaging and using documents to falsify and cause bans, receive a cordial greeting friends of chaturbate support, I have two points to...
  17. valentinvega_

    They banned my account, it is a mistake, I have been a bit distressed since August 2020.

    @punker barbie Good morning, receive a cordial greeting from me, dear friends of chaturbate, I want to explain my case a little, in the chaturbate platform I started as a model in the year 2020 of the month of August, starting with a study which I created my nicknamed account ( valentin_veg)...
  18. Cam99

    CB Banned Me

    Hello Ambercutie, I have been working as cam model in Chaturbate since 2019, i never had any issue before, but recently i got message that my account banned without any reason, I emailed Chaturbate support but they didn't response me, Could you please help me to get my account back? I really...
  19. Q

    account banned cb

    @punker barbie Hello good morning On Friday at midnight they blocked the page, I wrote to technical support but they have not given me an answer, when it was due to a typing error it was 25 and I put 15, could you please help me the ticket number is # 18388935 could you help me give more...
  20. J

    My account got banned for no reason. Please help me

    Hello. I have changed my payment Information and after i get banned. Please help me @punker barbie Please help me get my account unblocked. I ask the support but no response. Can you please ask them to reviewing my account and unblock it please. My chaturbate id: jador23 request number: 18118100...