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banned account

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  1. M

    I was banned permanently by chaturbate

    Hi, I post here because I am desperate to recover my chaturbate account.. Few days ago I was banned permanently by Chaturbate. I was talking in PM with a member i knew from long time and he was talking about his fantasy about being a teacher and having sexy students girls of 17. It was many...
  2. S

    @punker barbie - I loved giving Chaturbate my money, then i got banned

    Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with Punker Barbie who a model told me may be able to help with my ban. I love the site and spent a lot of money (tens of thousands of dollars spent). So I upgraded my account so i could broadcast too. I tried a few times and didn't have much luck. But I kept on...
  3. D

    Banned for smoking marijuana and trying to make too many new accounts

    My Fiancé and I had only been on chaturbate a couple weeks and had never cammed before we stupidly didn’t read the rules and also didn’t realize I was being annoying making new accounts. I’m so sorry and we miss and love chaturbate :( please help meee we miss the chaturbate community
  4. L

    Account banned

    hello, @punker barbie , I’m writing asking for help. On April 24, my chaturbate account was blocked, my nickname loveusunset, this happened on the 5th day of my work, during the promo period, before starting work on the site, I studied in detail all the rules of the site, support did not answer...
  5. M

    Accounts Banned/ Very need help

    Hello forum , hello @punker barbie . I was advised to turn to this site, because I am completely broken and very worried This morning after my night broadcast I woke up and was surprised by the message : I immediately clicked on the link and asked to clarify the reason, since I can’t even...
  6. S

    HELP i'm banned

    My account Banned @punker barbie and Suport They don't respond to my emails please help me @punker barbie advance thank you so much
  7. jakemadeyoucum

    Account banned - "you MAY have violated our terms of service"

    Hi everyone, how are you? I'm trying to get some help from someone from CB, I'm new on the site, registered less than 2 weeks ago, my account was banned when trying to stream with a friend, I added his ID to my account (he was already age verified in his own account) and then they banned him...
  8. K

    Banned from chaturbate

    Hello Everyone, ❤️❤️I'm reaching out here in search of answers. Recently, I found myself banned from Chaturbate, a platform I've been a part of for the past seven years. To my surprise, I returned from lunch to find my account gone. While I did cash out my tokens earlier that day, I didn't...
  9. D

    Account permanently suspended

    Hello. So my account was permanently suspended because of a member who insisted like crazy for outer platform payment methods like revolut, paypal. And even if I continuously denied his request I was still accused of offering my details for outer payments. The account name as seen in the picture...
  10. C

    been banned

    @punker barbie hello there i have been banned for saying something about self harm about myself and i really regret saying this this i went back to my account and it said my account has been banned my name on CB is @dylan2468364961 and i really hope you can help me also i have 62 tokens on there...
  11. S

    My account was banned

    Hi, @punker barbie My account has been banned after a live broadcast. I have not violated any website rules. I have no response by email. Could you help me, I have had my account for more than 5 years. Thank you ID: hellcatlove
  12. Gaperboi

    Account Ban Appeal

    Hello there everyone, i hope you are doing well this holiday season. My account Browardboy69 was banned today. Stream cut out while talking to users. I have been streaming on for years now with over 47k followers. Camming is my main source of income. Had my age verification randomly removed and...
  13. J

    Hi. I need help with my chaturbate banned account.

    @punker barbie I came to this blog because i´m looking for info to appeal an unfair ban I was unfairly banned on chaturbate. Can you Help me please?
  14. M

    Account Banned Help**

    Hello there I'm new here my chaterbate name is MrKarizma7 and I'm just really trying to find if someone can help me my account was permanently banned and I really need help to get back on there it says due to drugs I guess because of me vaping with weed she doesn't make any sense I guess cuz...
  15. L

    My account Still banned Pls help

    Hi guys Newbie on the forum hope i can get some help from @punker barbie So my Name on chaturbate it's boniesmith_ , almost a week ago chatur banned me because a third person appears on my stream, we upload the document of the third person and chatur do not accept because this person is...
  16. M

    im melody moods iand i was banned from cb because of my narcolepsy

    permanently banned for SLEEPI?NG and a complaint about another model melody moods here, sleping really?? yall jokes
  17. N

    Chaturbate account banned

    Hello good day I would love to ask some help with my chaturbate account my account name In there is IamJazzmine I would love to ask some help cause my account is banned again with out no reason I’m not online for about 2 days and then when I check my account is banned I don’t know what’s wrong...
  18. D

    Banned on CB with no reason @punkerbarbie

    Hi, My girlfriend was banned on CB last night while camming, she hasn't received anything from CB stating the reason or a potential unban. Any ideas? Username is _ariana2_
  19. N

    Two year issue unsolved.

    Regarding support ticket: 18375187 My account name is: Night_bigass I'm really hoping you might be able to help me. I have a few support numbers which will show that my account shouldn't be banned. It seems to be a technical issue. I'll start from the beginning. On October 7th 2021, I noticed...
  20. H

    Account banned help

    They banned my account because they said that I was possibly making pee, poo content. I had already received alerts before but I didn't contact support because I really wasn't doing anything wrong and I thought it was a mistake, until they beared my account, please help me, my chaturbate user...