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banned account

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  1. J

    Account banned

    @punker barbie Please help. My account has banned for no reason! I've already submitted request and I didn't do anything to warrant a ban! Please help and un-ban my account! Username: jamesleandean
  2. W

    Affiliate program has been flagged and my account banned!

    Hello @punker barbie my account user: WONDERDAYAN was banned at 01 December, i sent an email to support and they don't asnswer yet. At 03 December i recieved this email (attached) and i really very confused, i post my ref link on Twitter 15 days ago i don't if people use it for sign up fakes...
  3. S

    Stripchat account banned on denying to paying ransom

    This is now happening for the 4th time in last 5 months. Initially someone is texting in WhatsApp pretending a stripchat agent, that he needs daily Rs 500 ransom other wise my stripchat account will be banned. There's a group of scammers who is doing all these. They are targeting Indian...
  4. B

    Help me🙏

    Hello, @punker barbie I have been banned and have not gotten support responses. I don't know the reason if it's permanent or temporary I don't know anything at all, could you help me? :( my username is: boy_latin_sammostercock
  5. valentin1999

    Account banned after 30 minutes of being online!

    good day group, I hope you are very well and @punker barbie Thanks for reading this. Today, November 14, I started broadcasting at 6:05 a.m. and at 6:55 a.m. my account was banned, I don't understand the reason or reason since I haven't broken the rules, I wasn't doing any show, I was just...
  6. pau__123

    Account blocked during biometric registration (molly_13)

    Account blocked during biometric registration (molly_13) Hi @punker barbie how are you I'm sorry if I'm so insistent, it hasn't been my best year. And I saw the great opportunity that you can help me here. I am so grateful for that forum and the whole industry. I have sent many emails since...
  7. pau__123

    Banned biometric registration

    Hi @punker barbie How are you, I hope you're doing well Molly_13 My account was banned during biometric registration on October 31, 2022. I have my passport up to date, my account was banned just when I was doing the biometric check-in Can you please help me activate my account, to try the...
  8. pau__123

    Help please Banned

    good morning @punker barbie and to all the people here. My account has just been blocked and I try to send an email in a week, but only received a response. I only have one account and lately chaturbate request to update account by uploading passport and postal id. I follow the instructions I...
  9. pau__123


    hi @punker barbie I do not understand what is happening is that it came out that the documents should be re-uploaded for the updates and that is what I did and read the terms and contract. When I was going to start broadcasting my account was banned for no reason, can you help me please. my...
  10. valentin1999

    I have a question

    Hello guys who read this thread, I hope you are very well and @punker barbie , Thanks for reading this, I'll put you in context a bit, I'm a guy with dual nationality, one of my nationality documents was banned for reasons I never did, my question is if I could create another account with my...
  11. L

    Permanently banned for looking younger

    Dear @punker barbie, my ticket is 20476437 and my nickname on CB is Little_Felix My account has been permanently banned for a very weird reason, As they said in the mail, they know that I 'm over 18, I 'm actually 19, but because I 'm looking younger and my room had multiple reports for being...
  12. L

    Account Banned

    Hi, my account was blocked after a failed attempt at a new verification. I was written that my documents are not valid and after some attempts to pass it again I got blocked. Why was I blocked? Support is ignoring me, help me please @punker barbie Support didn't give me any ticket number! My...
  13. L

    Blocking after verification

    Hello, I recently tried to go through new biometrics verification. After I received about 5 rejections due to alleged "poor photo quality" I wrote to support me to help me deal with it. In the morning I get a reply from support that I have a permanent ban. Please help me deal with this...
  14. valentin1999

    account banned since 2020 (help me)

    @punker barbie I hope you are very well and you can read my case that I have been having a problem that I think is an error since 2020 I tell you a little to post about my career on chaturbate. in the year 2020 he began in a study as part of the chaturbate platform, which opened an account for...
  15. interludedtears

    banned from omegle beacuse i was broadcasting from my car in front of my home..

    i was unaware that broadcasting from my car in front my home was not allowed on chaturbate. ive been banned and really really need my account back? anyone know what to do or if they can help? i contacted support but no response. I NEED my account 😭
  16. S

    I got banned on chaturbate because I streamed in public place.

    @punker barbie can you help me? My username is: savior555 And my ticket number is (20178509) And today I got banned because I streamed from a public place. I had no idea until I got banned suddenly without any warning. I would never continue streaming if I got warning and I got no idea I was...
  17. D

    "Severe Violation" Account Banned - Cannot Get Answers

    Hello all. My chaturbate username is "wealth_whispers", I had the account for maybe a few hours before it was banned for "severe violations of terms of service" . Support told me vaguely that I cannot ever make a new account and my IP is banned. I truly cannot imagine what I did that was a...
  18. loevcio

    Account banned. Please help

    Account banned (number ticket 19840608 ) (username: benitosantoss) I just added my Venezuelan driver license and got a banned. Please help. My partner is verify but not me. Help
  19. Y

    Unfair account ban

    So during the week my account @Yahhhhboi got banned for broadcasting outside in a public place. But it wasnt public. It was my own private property. And i have no neighbors and i was fully clothed. After making me verify my identity they quit responding to my email’s completely. I had money in...
  20. A

    Blocked account

    Hello! 3 months ago my account (AnnaBlondie) on SC was permanently blocked for fraudulent actions. Of course I don't understand why, especially since I had a very bad period on my account for the last two weeks and I earned about $ 100. I don't know how to prove I didn’t commit fraud.. last...