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ban chaturbate

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  1. D

    Banned for a week now!

    Hello punker! I was hoping you’d help. Chaturbate has banned our account! We have no idea why. We have been loyal cammer with this site since 2016! Over 400,000 followers and it is the main source on income at the moment. We have invested so much money into our cam set up! We have two toddlers...
  2. A

    support is not responding to my emails

    hi, @punker barbie , my account was blocked because I am suspected of fake ID passport, then the chaturbate support team was asked to send a document confirming the authenticity of my ID passport, within a couple of days I sent this document, but for 12 days I am still waiting for an email in...
  3. A

    i need your help

    hello @punker barbie, I'm a model on chaturbate, my nickname is “auasweet”, I need your help, the fact is that I created an account and started working even during the appearance of the ban, it seems that I didn’t do anything bad and forbidden, I wrote back and they answered (they used it for a...
  4. M

    Account banned because overly large toy but it’s not

    Hi Chaturbate team My account got banned during the show for reason overly large toy are not allowed and I already make sure that my toy is under the rule. It’s not longer than 12’’ or 30 cm and not bigger in diameter than 2.6’m or 6.6 cm ( I can prove this by photo or video) Please help me out...
  5. B

    Help me🙏

    Hello, @punker barbie I have been banned and have not gotten support responses. I don't know the reason if it's permanent or temporary I don't know anything at all, could you help me? :( my username is: boy_latin_sammostercock
  6. B

    Account Banned. Please Help.

    Hello, @punker barbie and other members of the community. I've been banned a few days ago and I still don't know the reason, I've sent emails to support and I haven't had a response. my tokens are there. And I was happy working on chatur if someone could help me to know what happened, is it...
  7. J

    Account have been banned

    @punker barbie hello man. I have seen that you can help me. My account have been banned and dunno why so. Please, man, help me out Username: mrdank_
  8. _fairyparadise

    banned from chaturbate again.

    hello everyone, 4 days ago i was asked to do the new method to verify my age... as soon as i sent the pictures my account was banned. Last year happened the same, i dont get why my passport and ID card is listed to be banned when i have done nothing that would make me lose the account. Luckily...
  9. D

    One of our accounts were banned please help

    @punker barbie Can you please help us with our account it's twiztedtony. We were camming with a multiple account at the same time because we saw Here in the forums that it was allowed as long as it is separate cameras and camera angles.
  10. T

    My account was banned, please help me

    Hello. I would like to ask someone for help. Since my account was banned. I used this account for 3-4 months and recently when I logged into the account I saw that the account was banned. My username: niokuchan I wrote to tech support and they answered me and told me the reason for the ban. I...
  11. tomdrew69

    Cb, I banned myself for no reason

    Hello @punker barbie , my name is Madison. I'm Colombian. I work at CB with my partner, his name is Andrés, we are 21 and 19 years old. On October 5 we were working like every day with our daily goals and our shows because we are on transmission when the page loads and leaves that we are banned...
  12. Riccialessa

    Account banned , trying to get new verification

    Hi , i was trying to get new verification on my cb accountg but i was banned , Without any reason, I have not really raised any rule and I have been a CB model for more than 2 years approximately I have written to support but I have not really obtained an answer this is my username...
  13. interludedtears

    banned from omegle beacuse i was broadcasting from my car in front of my home..

    i was unaware that broadcasting from my car in front my home was not allowed on chaturbate. ive been banned and really really need my account back? anyone know what to do or if they can help? i contacted support but no response. I NEED my account 😭
  14. C

    Account was banned in the middle of stream ticket 20239597

    Hello! My ticket number is 20239597, my account was blocked on 09/5/2022 without specifying the problem, in the middle of my stream. Please help me find out the reason and correct it, because I sincerely did not intend to violate the rules of your site, I learned them carefully (I have read...
  15. E

    Charurbate Ban for no reason

    Hi ! My CB account Byadley has been banned after a year. All new accounts I tried to create have been ban immediately too. I worked from a studio and during my stream on 7th of April i just had my account ban. Support answer me after a week and said I have a permanent ban for “false...
  16. YourSecretPassionX

    banned for no reason

    I have been banned 3 days ago without an explanation , i did not break any rule and have over 7000 tokens blocked . Help me @punker barbie . Support didnt reach out to respond to my mails ticket number 20095471 username theshiznitz
  17. E

    Cb Ban

    Hi ! My CB account Byadley has been banned after a year. All new accounts I tried to create have been ban immediately too. I worked from a studio and during my stream on 7th of April i just had my account ban. Support answer me after a week and said I have a permanent ban for “false...
  18. A


    Hello , I still have a hope …@punker barbie please help me 🙏🙏🙏I really need your help 😢 support cb doesn’t answer, my model account Whitelittlebunny1 has been banned 31 May suddenly when I’ve add other ID , because ID on account was expired I have been work already many years on my account...
  19. loevcio

    Account banned. Please help

    Account banned (number ticket 19840608 ) (username: benitosantoss) I just added my Venezuelan driver license and got a banned. Please help. My partner is verify but not me. Help
  20. V


    Dear @punker barbie I would like to help me please. We want to report a suspicious activity in our master account, we have been hacked by the head administrator of our studio, and all the personal information from our account have been compromised, the administrator hacked all the information...