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ban chaturbate

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  1. Selxo

    Your ability to broadcast has been suspended.

    Hi, I'm a new model and I've been streaming roughly three months. My significant other decided to join me, to disclose his identity we picked up a full face, to the neck, bull mask. I've seen other couples use masks over their eyes to cover their identity. Before streaming, we uploaded his ID...
  2. J

    Banned account and support not responding

    Hi @punker barbie, I was in urgent need of money and asked for a refund. After that, I got a reply mail saying that they are reviewing my transactions. Since then, i havent received any updates from the support team. Its been 12 days. Also they banned my account. Username is izan_gaia. I havent...
  3. M

    Account Banned

    My account was blocked immediately after verification, support replied that the documents provided were fake. I am 100% sure that the documents are real, what should I do to get my account unbanned? Account name - MarieKittyy
  4. C

    identity fraud

    Good evening, I beg you to please help me recover my Cloesweety account On March 31, my account was banned. I contacted them to find out what the reason was, but to my surprise, they told me that the ban had been for another account that I had never been aware of, an account that they created...
  5. ZeusOlympus

    My account has been banned and they don't give me a response or tickets

  6. T

    Chaturbate Account Help Request

    Hello @punker barbie My account was banned randomly and when I reached out to support to request more information all they told me was that there was a report of harassment with no details. I have always conducted myself in a respectable manner and do not recall any situation that could have...
  7. W

    HELP with BAN CB.

    Good afternoon everyone ♥ Situation - I am a citizen of Belarus. As you know CB does not work with this country. I received a Georgia license specifically to register an account. It was very difficult even with the creation, I wrote to CB support asking them to accept my documents. After 5...
  8. D

    Banned account after purchasing tokens

    Hello, @punker barbie ! I'm afraid I'll need your help, I run two different accounts in CB that got banned this week: A) diabloquemaa B) diabloquema_ I already contacted CB support from the B) diabloquema_ account with the ticket [NP696M-0E5V5]. What happened is the following: While...
  9. C

    I am a trans woman and they closed my account on chaturbate

    Buen día Good day my user is: CiaTranSex. I am an active model on the CB platform, I am also transgender and I Made Legally, the name change on my identity document, I contacted the support of this platform to ask for an update of my documentation and I supported it with photos of my current ID...
  10. Miaspell

    Account banned in the middle of the show

    @punker barbie Hello, please I need help, today my Chaturbate account (@Miaspell) was banned in the middle of my show with more than 500 viewers and 4000tk, they have not given me reasons or answers. no service rules were violated in the transmission and I was doing my usual show just like...
  11. oneginger

    Heeeelp!! My friend’s account was unfairly banned :(

    @punker barbie My friend nasty_alice1 was banned for a miss understanding and she sent an email in order to get it fix it but had no response yet. We want to know if she’s getting her account back or what can we do.
  12. evadubinina96evavocka

    ban chaturbate

    Hello, I ask for help. My chaturbate account has been blocked by Nick Jesgold Support response to my question: "What is the reason for the ban"? - After examining the ID you provided, we have found that the ID provided by the independent broadcaster E.V. in the jesgold account does not comply...
  13. S

    Unfair ban by an AI?

    Dear @punker barbie My nickname is Hellcatlove, I have been working as an independent model in CB for 5 years. I have lost my account and I only receive automated messages. I will tell you my case, I have registered on the page with my passport, my first passport which expired and I renewed it...
  14. K

    Ban account

    Good afternoon. For a long time, my cute_little_kitten_ account was blocked because I forgot to turn off my broadcast. A lot of time has passed and I admit my big mistake. I wrote to support, they almost decided to help me, but in the end it was not successful. I have rethought a lot and from...
  15. Gaperboi

    Account Ban Appeal

    Hello there everyone, i hope you are doing well this holiday season. My account Browardboy69 was banned today. Stream cut out while talking to users. I have been streaming on for years now with over 47k followers. Camming is my main source of income. Had my age verification randomly removed and...
  16. C

    My account has been baned

    My username: costell___ I received information that my account had been banned and that I could do age verification to appeal. This happened while using the "camera to camera" function yesterday about 12 p.m Central Europe Time. I would like to clarify the matter and provide an ID...
  17. K

    Account has been banned

    Hello! Please help me! Today my chaturbate account was banned without warning and without email notification. The account was banned after the stream. No rules were violated during the stream and I don't understand what the reason is. I have written to support but have not received a response...
  18. I

    Account has been banned

    @punker barbie Hello, my username is illegallymilk, I have written to support, and I still haven't received a response. I would like to recover my account because I don't understand the reason for the ban. I have always followed the CB rules, and I have been with this account for over 2 years...
  19. H

    Account banned

    Hello! Please help me! Yesterday my chaturbate account was banned without warning and without email notification. The account was banned after the stream. No rules were violated during the stream and I don't understand what the reason is. I have written to support but have not received a...
  20. J

    This person is ineligible to broadcast. Please contact support.

    “This person has no right to broadcast. Please contact support." after my broadcast it came out 😭😭😭😭😭 Hello everyone, how to solve this problem and I wrote a letter to the support service but there is no answer yet can you help me 😩 thanks for answers