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ban chaturbate

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  1. loevcio

    Account banned. Please help

    Account banned (number ticket 19840608 ) (username: benitosantoss) I just added my Venezuelan driver license and got a banned. Please help. My partner is verify but not me. Help
  2. V


    Dear @punker barbie I would like to help me please. We want to report a suspicious activity in our master account, we have been hacked by the head administrator of our studio, and all the personal information from our account have been compromised, the administrator hacked all the information...
  3. loevcio

    My account has been banned

    I really want someone help me with that, cause my ID is totally legal, and Chaturbate banned me without no reason please help me. My account is: Scott_bennet please help me with that
  4. E

    pls help. my account has been banned

    Dear @punker barbie , I need your help. My account Emily__Jean got banned. I don't know the reason, support is not answering me, please help. My ticket number 19602150
  5. Y

    Ban chaturbate

    hello @punker account yakitoriasun about a week ago I was permanently blocked on chaturbait, the reason for this was that I sort of organized meetings of an intimate nature, but I never did, I can provide any information about this, I really love chaturbait. For me, this is the best platform...
  6. O

    Are you on permanent Ban on Chaturbate? Get in here!

    Lately, there has been a lot of threads that are been created on this forum and other forum by Chaturbate cam models, all threads are detailing how they got permanently banned while in the process of verification/re-verification Each poster having the exact same problem, their representative...
  7. W

    Help with CB account banned

    Hi all, I signed up today for broadcasting and after I verified my identity, my account was banned. There’s nothing wrong with my id info. The account showed verified and work normal as I was browsing through the settings. A few minutes later it was banned. Can someone please help. Username...
  8. E

    pls help me, account has been banned.

    Hi @punker barbie .I need your help, my account Emily_Hix__ was blocked during the broadcast, I do not know the reason. I wrote in support, I do not respond to support. Please help me figure out this situation. My request (19501195) . Thank you for your help in advance.
  9. T

    Studio account ban

    I welcome the representatives of the Chaturbate site here as well as the rest of the forum members! The studio account of our studio was recently banned without explanation. We have not received any warnings. Studio account was created in 2019 and used only for registration new models via...
  10. darchik

    warnings CB

    This is the second time I've received a warning about breaking the rules. Strange of course, I won’t even argue with CB about this, so as not to get another ban!? But how many warnings does it take to block me?
  11. E

    Good afternoon @punker barbie , I need your help

    Hi @punker barbie .I need your help, my account diana_rhoades was blocked yesterday during the broadcast, I do not know the reason. I wrote in support, I do not respond to support. Please help me figure out this situation. My request (19394158) . Thank you for your help in advance.
  12. D

    Account Banned

    Hello @punker barbie, I would very much appreciate your help. I just discovered my account doc_strangelove has been banned. I have been a loyal and regular customer since 2018. I have also emailed Chaturbate support. Thank you so much for your help. doc_strangelove
  13. E

    Respected @punker barbie I need your help...

    Hello dear @punker barbie . My account Adamx_tempter was blocked back in August, due to the fact that another person got into the chamber. We sent an internal passport, a passport of another person, did not accept the documents. Now we are waiting for his driver's license that will be ready...
  14. E

    Account Banned, please help me!

    Good afternoon @punker barbie. My account Emily_Hix_ was blocked when I was at halftime, I don't know the reason. Support is not responding, my request (19303847
  15. A

    ban support

    well,just as it has happened to others before i was doing my usual stream routine (working out on camera),and the bitrate went down temporarily disconnecting the camera but suddenly i was banned,i checked the terms and conditions and i never streamed any content that broke the guidelines nor...
  16. Count_of_Count

    flooded with tokens - banned

    Hello! I am coming to you in a time of great need, lol. It´s kinda serious. In short: some guy named 10black sends me large amounts of token regulary. Sometimes 2000, sometimes 1000 and so on. Then I was worried, of course. I had a ticket and the support was very helpful and clear with their...
  17. jucamocake

    Account block for no reason, and no use of transmission

    I am writing to you today, February 3, 2022, because yesterday at 3:20 pm in Colombia, my Pokeashchewaka and Kashmilo accounts were banned for no reason. Previously, they helped me validate the documents of my partner who is a Venezuelan national and we have been working since the date without...
  18. R

    chaturbate bann my account withouth a reason

    hello .. i need some help, chaturbate ban our account ,we have more id s verified on it .. and we don t know becauze of witch of the id s is banned … i give alot of emails and nobody answer me … mabye i have a chance for that id to be deleted from my account and it to be restored .. or to...
  19. GothicGirl

    Account banned ticket 18933805

    the user is @catsdream ticket 18933805 the account have been banned without explanation, there have been not answer from support so far, there is tokens there i would like to withdraw, or at least that they send the tokens back to the accounts that sent it to me, pls i need help and answers...
  20. A

    I got a permanent banned for not reason

    Hi @punker barbie I got banned after an oil show I got an answer they told me I have an permanent ban but I have not reason why and I wasn’t doing anything wrong 😭 can you please help me? This is my ticket request 18906444 - Re: Ban inquiry Please help me !