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ban chaturbate

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  1. GothicGirl

    Account banned ticket 18933805

    the user is @catsdream ticket 18933805 the account have been banned without explanation, there have been not answer from support so far, there is tokens there i would like to withdraw, or at least that they send the tokens back to the accounts that sent it to me, pls i need help and answers...
  2. A

    I got a permanent banned for not reason

    Hi @punker barbie I got banned after an oil show I got an answer they told me I have an permanent ban but I have not reason why and I wasn’t doing anything wrong 😭 can you please help me? This is my ticket request 18906444 - Re: Ban inquiry Please help me !
  3. C

    Banned for no reason.

    Hello , Got banned yesterday outta the blue and have no idea why. Im a frequent broadcaster and have 500 followers. Not a lot but im happy with it. Been reading other post and i believe maybe @punker barbie can help me out. Thanks in advance! Username is Curlyfurly
  4. valentinvega_

    Ban help (for santa)

    dear santa and @punker barbie This Christmas I only ask that you help me to return my account which was unfairly banned, the reason is forgery, which is not the case because I have my identification card and passport authentic by the government, I attach my ticket number (18774777 ) I have...
  5. valentinvega_

    This person used my documentation to damage my image on chaturbate and cause my ban. HELP ME!!

    Ticket number: 18770449 Good morning, who is interested in my argument and my thread, thread where I come to demonstrate a monitor person who is responsible for damaging and using documents to falsify and cause bans, receive a cordial greeting friends of chaturbate support, I have two points to...
  6. valentinvega_

    I am entering a phase of depression because of what is happening to me with chaturbate

    Hello guys, I am new to the forum, I would like to explain a little about my case and if I get much better help, last year I was a study boy who, as time passed, this year I decided to withdraw from the study and start as an independent model boy on which after a month of working they banned my...
  7. M

    re-verification of the account and unban

    Hello dear @punker barbie ! back in May, my account was banned and support asked me to contact in half a year for re-verification, half a year has passed and I applied for an attempt to re-verify, but there has been no response from support so far. I will be grateful for your help! Ticket...
  8. A

    Ban account

    @punker barbie Hi, my account was banned and I don't understand the reason for my ban. I never violated your rules, worked honestly and for a long time.
  9. D

    Banned for Sharing a Photograph by Mistake

    [Chaturbate] 18639068 - Re: Account Banned: Need Help (my case) Hello, My username is BBCCAMPLAY I would like to request my account been unbanned. On thinking about the reason of why i was banned, i remember sharing a casual picture of me with a user in my room in the PM. The image i...
  10. S

    Permanent account blocking for no reason , chaturbate

    @punker barbie Hello, I ask for help, during the broadcast my account was blocked, my nickname sex_tvar_1337, I wrote to support, then they answered me twice with the same message. (My request 18474108) After that it is unclear why but my account has been unlocked, but I need to confirm the...
  11. M


    @punker barbie I'm begging you to help me with this situation. I was working on studio for 1 months and they made two accounts on CB. I decided to work in my own and left studio. they promised that they will delete my accounts, but they didn't! I hurried to start working on my own, so I didn't...
  12. B

    Account blocked

    Hello! Why are we not getting an update about submitting a support form. Today 1 of our account was banned, and from 6 we cannot convert tokens into dollars. We send letters to support, nothing comes. Tickets: 18414031 - Kessyroxe 18414022 - Al account Problems 18409309 - My ticket, asked about...
  13. Iris2000

    Please help @punker barbie

    Hello, I need help, I've been banned for 2 months for showing my cell phone. I really didn't know the rule that it wasn't allowed. I only ask for a second chance since it wasn't really my intention to break the rules, support doesn't give me an answer. The only thing he said was that I had a ban...
  14. M

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie I registered a new account with my same passport. and again they gave a ban. I wrote from the mail. why is a ban on my passport given if you said that I can register? User: maldives78
  15. I

    Help. Account ban. [Chaturbate] 17996340 -

    Hello. Help me @punker barbie when registering and uploading documents, chaturbate blocking. I stated that I had changed my documents, I was given access to the site, and I was successfully browsing the site. and every time I register again, I have to write to support to provide access. and...
  16. A

    Got banned and can’t unblock the account

    Hello @punker barbie My account has been banned banned 5 days ago. I guess because I logged in from a new device. I wrote to support but support just don’t react to this. Can you please help me with this or let me at least know reasons of ban. Here’s 2 accounts mine and my friend’s. Asian_arya...