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  1. KingMarti

    Looking For Member Opinions On Custom Room Functions

    I worked out I can pull the tip and chat data out of chaturbate (stripchat coming soon and other sites after that). Being able to get the tip and chat data out of the site ment I could have it trigger custom scripts that do various things, like change the scene in obs (things like tip to change...
  2. honey_witchie

    payment & a few other questions for MFC girls

    Hi! I just started on myfreecams and I have some questions for you veteran models (: 1) I was wondering if you have direct deposit can you request to have your payment sent anytime once its reached over $20? Or are there exact days that everyone gets paid whether they have direct deposit or...
  3. Ruby_Roo

    what are some fun games to play on cam with customers?

    I feel like I don't really know how to create games or don't really know of any :/ I'm very good at having conversations and don't have a problem getting shows I'd just like to entertain and engage my audience on a different level :)
  4. N

    Drunk cam games?

    I seem to make most of my money being tipped for drinks and things like that, was wondering if anyone had any fun drinking games they've played/seen on cam? I hate when the room dies on me Thanks! Hope this is in the right thread xoxo
  5. SexySerena4

    Help me!

    I'm a fairly new model on My Free Cams, I've been working since about July. I started off making $200 in less than three days and now I'm down to not even $70 for a full week. I'm doing pretty badly and this is my only job at the moment. I live in the deep deep south and there aren't very many...