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  1. S

    Tippers Group On Streamate

    Hey all!! I think it would be an awesome idea if we could create a "tippers group" on streamate where we could set up some meetings to tip a certain model all together. If Anyone is interested in the idea please let me know!!
  2. DivaTraffic

    An introduction to DivaTraffic - Traffic service for cam models!

    Hello everyone! We thought it is about time to give you guys an introduction and tell you about DivaTraffic, how it works and all the benefits you can get out of our service. DivaTraffic launched in march 2016. Our goal was to reach out to the cammodels in LiveCam industry to make it more easy...
  3. MissMolly

    A lesson in figuring out who to work with, how to protect yourself, & cyber-bullying.

    If you would like, you can take a look at my most recent tumblr point, it will explain some things I have been going through, but this isn't just about me. This is also about the other girls of the industry, how to handle situations that arise, how to...
  4. P

    Camgirl for 5 years, thinking about options...

    Hello my fellow CamGirls, I have been a cam model on Chaturbate for about 5 years now. I haven’t seen much of a change of pace until just recently when affiliates just decreased significantly. I wanted to know if anyone else has seen a large decrease in their affiliates on this site as well. A...
  5. TinaD

    Stripchat Summer Vibes Contest

    We're excited to announce our Summer Vibes Contest! Models let’s see you getting wet, sunbathing, skinny dipping, and enjoying summer in the sexiest ways possible. Models just need to upload their best photo or video for a chance to win mega tokens! New models are welcome to join but will...
  6. Eva Devine

    Talking about motivation

    Hello, kind readers. I'm a noob around here, but I've been in this industry for almost 2 years. You know how it goes, you have good days and bad days or even periods. For me is really important to have a good example, especially in the bad days, a real source of motivation. In this spirit, I...
  7. G Spot

    Favorite Cam Models To Watch (on MFC)?

    Hey everyone at AmberCutie! I know this question has been asked a lot over the years. However, I was wondering which MFC cam girls do you think do the best job? Or are the most enjoyable to watch. I have composed a list and so far I got these ladies added: AmberCutie (of course) Lana Rain...
  8. SNRProductions

    ATTN: Models & Camgirls attending XBiz Miami, want to shoot?

    SNR Productions, Inc. will be attending Xbiz Miami May 30 through June 2. We will be shooting some of the CamWithHer Girls while there, but we’d be interested in shooting and meeting with other models as well. We have two photographers attending the event, @GlamourVegas and @BrosoPhotography...
  9. T

    Please help me identify this webcam girl

    Hey i really really need to find this girl. If somenoane can help me please?
  10. Kody

    How do you feel about women/camgirls wearing make-up?

    Just a wee poll I wanted to do. Im intrigued to know your guys answers :) Thanks for voting!
  11. SylvySinclair

    For Camgirls and clients

    So, the guy enters ur chat and all starts with: Hi, hru? and then ntmu and then................................pause............... Girls: after the starting convo with all the polite things, what do u say? Do u go straight to the point and ask him how can u help him? yes, no, why, what do u...
  12. K

    Plastered all over the Internet

    Hey girlies I have a problame I found out I've been recorded and screen shot wile doing my shows and put all over the Internet I've tried doing the DMCA thing but nothing got resolved so I've decided to stop doing nudity in public chat now and only on Skype and Pvt and grp but I'm worried I'm...
  13. BustyBonniex

    Back on MFC after 8 months and not doing public shows but I'm doing better than before lol

    Ok so the general just of this post is to see if any other models have experienced this. I reverted back to full time cam on adultwork from August to February, I decided to go back to MFC again for various reasons biggest one being that I like the interaction on there. The funny thing is I...
  14. waddup

    Does upstore respond to DMCA requests?

    Hello all, I am new to this forum but I thought I would take suggestions from the more experienced cam girls. I am trying to get my broadcast streams down from upstore. I have sent dmca complaints to upstore just today and I was wondering if they respond to DMCA complaints. I have read in...
  15. H

    MFC profile!

    Hi! I desperately need my mfc profile to be customized! If anyone knows of someone who can make my MFC profile pretty please let me know! I am willing to pay (DUH!) Thanks! :)
  16. Anique

    Help With My Screenplay

    Before anyone asks: yes, this is real. I recently discovered that I have no shame unless I'm hurting someone, so here it goes! I am a writer who is working on a screenplay that has the attention of some major media agents. It's about camgirls. It's going to be an erotica series. I want some...