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  1. F

    new ID verification system banned us even when we have 100% legit passports

    hey guys id like to share our case on chaturbate ... We are 2 female and 1 male performer on account: funcouple1985 Id like to point out that we signed up first time on chaturbate on march 2013 and have been cammin exclusively here since then (maybe this helps?) we were age verified and...
  2. G

    Model account banned - for no apparent reason

    Hi all, Last night, my model friend was banned for no reason whatsoeever. I was watching her show, as i have been for the past year or so and there has been no violation of the rules, in any way shape or form. It's really incomprehensible how this has happened. We've emailed...
  3. W

    Chaturbate It is unfair 3 months waiting for a response about the ban of my account they do not answer

    [Chaturbate] 17860361 Hello @punker barbie I hope you can help me I have been for 3 months with my banned account they do not give an answer or the reason I do not find any reason I have sent the emails with photos of my age verification but they do not answer 3 months ago I have tokens in that...
  4. Misha_james

    I got hacked and my tokens stolen.

    Hi everyone. I’m new on chaturbate (almost 3 months) 2 days ago I clicked on a link and I had to log in again, so I did. Few hours later I saw my emails and I was hacked. Inmidiatly I contacted support and they froze my account but it was to late. I changed everything (passwords, email, 2 steps...
  5. B

    Banned account, need help..

    Hello @punker barbie i need your help regarding my blocked account: Bawdytrina, it happened on Wednesday 5 august, a member pop into my room and asked about daughter and father sex topic, to be honest i replied only yes to every each question he asked me sarcastically, as i know i can't talk...
  6. babykalina

    Banned After Carnival Outfit

    Hi @punker barbie and hi to everyone! I work in CB since August 2019 and everything is been pretty good. Now it's Carnival time and i was doing a carnival party with an outfit, basically i was "cosplaying" like a naughty nun without any acessories related to religion or offensive to the terms...
  7. mally_cooperr

    Chaturbate Account banned with out explain? been working 2 years

    Hello I would like some help, i had been working with my account for 2 years, and today i got banned with out explained or a single warning, i was broadcasting in my room in a password show with one of my tippers, and suddenly i got banned and now i cant use my account, i sent a mail to support...
  8. Sexylilyx

    My account banned

    Hi, I'm new as a cam model, no experienced. I created cb 1 or 2 weeks ago i think (I'm not sure the exact), as soon it approved I started to broadcast just a couple of hours like 1-2 hours a day. I was shocked they banned my account for "underage". This is my primary income and I loved this new...
  9. Thereal1

    I'm banned from Chaturbate TWICE :)

    Here won't a long story about myself how i'm good and etc. (maybe... i've not written a text yet) Introduction Hello, my user name on chaturbate Sigmundsdottir I was working on chaturbate about 4 months untill i got a ban. First experience First time i got ban without explain, i was writing...