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  1. EmiliaSong - A New Type of Clip Site (collective crowdfunding)!

    Hello everyone! I’m here representing a new clip site called Stroken, and right now we’re looking for feedback as we prepare to launch our beta site. Stroken is a crowdfunding clip site where models add their videos to a “bundle” and share the collective “bounty.” Users buy access to each...
  2. Pira

    Clips4sale newbie

    hi! I hope it's ok to post this in "cam chat" because I didn't see a section for clip sites. I started a clipstore on c4s this week (after being on manyvids for 9 months) and I'm pretty jazzed. I guess I'm just posting to see if anyone has general "things I wish I knew when I started"...
  3. Yavin4MFC

    Video Titles and Descriptions

    Has anyone ever had success re-releasing an old video with an updated title or description? Like it just did ok before but suddenly calling it something different or retiring it for a while and reintroducing it led to lots of sales?