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content removal

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  1. SNRProductions

    Let's talk about Content Theft / Recording Shows / DMCAs

    So I figured this would be a good place to open a discussion about this topic. I'm currently trying to help a model remove some content from AnonV. I'm guessing some of you may be familiar with that site. It seems they don't comply to DMCA requests. Shocker. First, I wanted to know if anyone...
  2. FemdomGoddess

    The technology that will stop piracy.

    How To Stop Piracy At Its Source! Please share this information and join the conversation by providing your ideas and opinion! We Are At War! As cam models and digital content creators we are losing the battle against piracy. The pirates have stolen our content and are making a fortune with...
  3. gddp - Content Removal

    Hi guys! I tried to find something related to this, and couldn't, so thought I'd post something here. Some of my broadcasts are uploaded to, and since I knew this was always a part of camming, I was never really bothered by them. Last night, however, I finally decided to...