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couple account

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  1. T

    Our couple account in chaturbate is banned:(

    hello we were streaming yesterday and got banned. we didnt want to violate terms but missed one point in it, yet we didnt get the reason of our ban. we earned approximately 1000$ in first two days of our streaming and the platform seems to be the best for us, we like it a lot so its very sad to...
  2. PYTrex333

    Help out a couple new to Manyvids?

    Hey guys! We're a couple that started on MV Xmas day, so we're pretty new to all of this. Due to a miscommunication with support our account was deleted and the most they could for us was quickly approving our verification and transferring the funds (we've made $7..😞) over meaning we have to...
  3. F

    Couple account-and girlfriend is having problem with verification

    Hey me and my man have couple account of chaturbate and want to start camming. my man uploaded his files to get verified and was verified very quickly.... but when i went to add my age verification files it took a while to get verified and it got denied first time because the very top of my head...
  4. ryan_sk

    looking female partner for couple and travel :)

    hi all, I have recently started camming 6 years ago but i not want work solo after this year Smiley :) but notice couples make a lot more money . so I am looking for a female who wants to pair up for this new venture , travel and make good money --Smiley :) Age 18 - 35. i Have 6 years experience...
  5. F

    ID not verified, keeps on being declined. HELP.

    Hi guys! my boyfriend and I have registered on Chaturbate under the username: fitandfreak and wanted to verify our age and account. He is Bulgarian and I am Serbian, we live together in Serbia. We uploaded the pictures of us and IDs and his was approved, while mine - on the other hand - was...
  6. U

    I'm looking for a uk model to join me for a regular show?

    Hey, I Joined ACF to find a woman to do a couples show with as they seem to be very popular. I live In london and ideally so should you, or at least live close by. I want to make this a regular thing to build a good client base. If you're interested or know someine that might be let me know...
  7. Olivia Taylor

    Separate accounts on Chaturbate for solo and couples?

    I have a solo account on Chaturbate and my dude friend is also verified to cam with me on that account. Should I/we create a separate account to cam on when we're online together or should he just continue to occasionally cam on my solo account? Thanks in advance for any advice!