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  1. ReinaStorm

    Instagram Security -- Please Help

    I have an Instagram and just linked it to an unrelated Facebook account to make it Public Figure. Even before that I saw a few people I knew under suggestions. I blocked them. None of these people are in my phone. I am not on any of their Instagrams. These are family and friends. I have no idea...
  2. Guy

    Facebook VPN controversy

    Interesting story. http://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-facebooks-onavo-protect-virtual-private-network-app-2018-2
  3. KitanaKim

    Utilize Your Fanbase and Become an Influencer

    I've always wanted to use social media services to grow my Instagram account faster but I was weary about it because it would mean that complete strangers would have access to my account and they would know what I do for a living. I'm not ashamed of what I do, but I didn't want them to see the...
  4. IntravenousFlytrap

    Facebook Pages?

    Anyone on here have a Facebook page under their cammodel persona? If so, would you care to share? I need some friends on mine, but don't want to add any friends or family for obvious reasons...
  5. BlissfulSins

    What social media do you use?

    I'm new to being a Cam Model and need everyone's advice on what social media to open for my model self? Twitter seems to be popular but what about FB pages and IG? And tumblr? What do general posts look like from Cam girls? I'm super curious!