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  1. Q

    [Unofficial support thread] qrush – a fansite with an App, 24/7 Support and 90% Payouts

    Hi everyone, my name is Ava and I work as a Model Success Manager for the new app qrush. My intention is not to create a “promo” post here, just to let you know that we plan to be a very active part of the community, always open to you, your ideas and requests. I believe we can only succeed...
  2. Aayda_Heart

    Has Anyone Heard Of Anything To Expect In 2018 To Boost Traffic and Sales?

    Have You Heard Of Anything New To Expect This Year In 2018? Has anyone heard of anything cool or something that we should probably invest in? Any Predictions? Which Sites Are Going To Slow Down? Which Will Speed Up? Any New Camsites or Applications for Meeting More Friends/Fans!?
  3. J

    Fan nominated awards

    Hi everyone, So i am a big fan of a model, and i think she does some top quality shows. She is not that famous right now but i think she will do great and she has some good loyal fans. My question is , are there any fan nominated awards i can vote for her on? I am new to the adult...
  4. bamxo

    Models - Do you keep records with your fans?

    I was thinking if you know your fans, if it's useful to have a list with users that spends some money. If yes, do you keep details about them? I don't know...maybe it's useful to remember things about every important fan.
  5. M

    How do you keep track of your fans?

    I'm curious how you go about keeping track of your fans, favorite viewers, and interesting ppl. I want to keep info like their real (first) name if they give it, personal info they tell me, their kink, and something like a tip meter, related to their screen name. My goal is to easily be able...