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  1. BritneySiren

    Growing pains

    I’ve made this mistake before. I just assumed that because I feel a certain way about relationships that if there’s ever issue a person will say something but maybe this is something I’ve put off thinking about much because I always had some other issue or thing to focus on. I’ve never had the...
  2. Princessbambiix

    The Loneliness of Camming..

    Does the loneliness of camming start to wear on you guys after a while? I have supportive non-SWer friends, but it would be nice to have camgirl friends to meet up with, vent to, bounce ideas off of, give advice to/get advice from, etc. Interacting with camgirls on Twitter/ Snapchat has...
  3. S

    MFC versus other sites

    MFC is messing with my head. It needs a personal link to work; otherwise video porn could be more appealing. When I connect with a model, I support steadily but modestly for income reasons. I stay in touch offline and support with tips and talk when they have low periods of tipping or life...
  4. Melodiesanddesires

    Looking for Camgirl friend in Vegas Area!

    Hey guys. I reallyy want to make some new friends here in Las Vegas. We could duo-cam or just netflix and chill, get drinks, anything! (: I'd love to connect with someone who has a positive attitude towards camming- and understands the struggles that sometimes come up in the job. Let me know...