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  1. DirtyHarley

    The Best CB Games and how do they work/rules

    i'v seen a bunch of games on CB but some are so so and some are not explained much on how to play or maybe i'm not understanding them lol i dunno..i would love to hear everyones awesome successful game ideas and how to play them.
  2. Sade Elliott

    Shake it off!! <3

    Oh Hey now that i got your attention !! My name is Hazel and i want to chat!!! lets talk all night and then do it all again the next day. Don't be shy . Shake that off !! lol
  3. Aayda_Heart

    Follow The Person Before You - Then Post "Last Comment!"

    This is a new idea I figured could be implemented for some new users such as myself to make friends! It's REALLY SIMPLE Too! Follow The Person Who Commented Before You! THEN - Reply with "Last Comment!" Try To Reply As Much As Possible To Gain More!
  4. KarlaKaress

    on: kingdom hearts 3

    how old are you now and how old do you think you'll be when KH3 comes out? just a thread for fun because honestly will i ever stop being teased with game trailers at E3? no? okay. i'm 25. it will be 84 years in the future when KH3 comes out.
  5. Pookie_Fae

    Name fun!

    1) Did you pick your name, or did someone give it to you? Why that name? Tell me your title origin stories! I've always loved the name Aria, and I love opera. Fae is a nickname of mine, since I'm an evil woodland pixie :P 2) Have you ever had a name you performed under you disliked/hated...
  6. T

    Los Angeles Cam Girls

    Girls I'm a guy from Los Angeles looking for a female cam with someone, I'm on chaturbate, username is thismainguy777
  7. ArtsyAmelia

    Pokemon TCG

    All that I saw Magic The Gathering the the Video Games Thread I needed to create a pokemon one! I love the video games...but my true passion lies with the cards. I love traveling the country and playing pokemon with all of my friends at tournaments and online! So who else plays...
  8. C

    MFC Games suitable for a Mistress

    Hi all, I am a slave to a mistress that uses MFC, This morning i woke to an email from her stating she has set me a task for the rest of the week! The task she set me was to explore mfc to find games that i think would be suitable for her to play within her room. She has firmly stated that she...
  9. MayWolff

    The funniest thing to happen to you while you're live!!

    so today I'm in my live, breasts out, entertaining my lovelies. And mind you it's pouring rain outside and then all of the sudden my living room ceiling starts leaking! More and more my living room was aflood haha it was hilarious, I had to apologise and log off right away and fix it. I'm...