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  1. Kitty1purry

    What's your chill out game?

    What's your go-to game to play when you're feeling stressed or anxious? Is it a classic you've loved forever that always brings back good memories, something that requires all your concentration and is a great distraction, or something else? I got stressed out from school today and accidently...
  2. Lelo1

    Secret World Legends

    Secret World has rebooted as a free to play game. If you love story, it's an amazing game.
  3. S

    GamerGril: Twitch Uncensored

    Hey Guys, just out here trying to get some feedback on a this new Gaming/Streaming platform. The move toward live video game streaming has increased significantly during the past few years with Twitch as the forerunner of the industry. The Platform we have created at GamerGril attempts to taking...
  4. AthenaBlaze

    ;D Gamer girls! ISO YOU

    Hey ladies! ...and gentlemen (sorry, it's really for the ladies) ;p It's been a super duper long time since I've posted on here, but I'm sure glad it's still thriving and full of energiezzz! But anywho, I'm looking for some girls to link up with and play some PC MMOs... I'm just sick of the...