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  1. MrSwoob

    5 Things to do to help with COVID19 Pandemic - Mental Health

    Hello I am a follower and fan of cam models, I am also a Therapist. The past few weeks I have been talking with a lot of people, online counseling. Everyone one of my clients I talk about 5 things, 5 daily goals you can do each day to help the day feel productive. There will be some days you...
  2. Smores

    Etiquette for Goal Shows

    One of my favorite models has an unfortunate habit. She gets well into a difficult goal and at some point decides to take a break. That much is fine. But when she comes back from the break she resets her goals back to the start and never says a word. Given that she does not have tight...
  3. F

    How do I pace myself? I feel like I give away too much!

    Hey everyone! So, I've been camming off and on for a couple months now, but I just recently started doing it more regularly and sticking to a schedule. I used MFC in the past but now I use Chaturbate because it's more my vibe and I've built up a decent fanbase there. I've learned a lot about...
  4. spacem0nky

    How to set goals and token count in chaturbate

    Hey so I can't figure out how to set a goal or show a token count in the lower right hand corner of the feed. What's the syntax for that? Or is it a bot? if it's a bot/app what's the most popular one?
  5. JonRainbow

    Moochers & member etiquette

    I was lucky to be part of an amazing session on MFC on Friday but was really suprised at how many moochers/freeloaders there were in the room. At one point there was just under 600 people in the room yet there were probably only 10 of us actually tipping tokens. At one stage there was a goal of...
  6. SensualFreeSpirit

    How to do goals

    I don't know why I can't wrap my head around how to set up a goal properly on CB or any site for that matter. Can someone give me step-by-step instructions & examples please. I usually just say it's 25 tokens for this, 40 tokens for that, etc. & I list all the shows I do. Thanks
  7. MissBubblegum

    Newish model needing some advice about goals!

    Hey! I could really use some advice right now! By the way, I have followed the steps to get "model only" verification, I'm just waiting to be approved. Sorry if this is a model only topic :eek: I am a nude model, but I don't masturbate or do any penetration/cum shows! I've been doing well on...