How do I pace myself? I feel like I give away too much!

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Jan 21, 2018
Hey everyone!

So, I've been camming off and on for a couple months now, but I just recently started doing it more regularly and sticking to a schedule. I used MFC in the past but now I use Chaturbate because it's more my vibe and I've built up a decent fanbase there. I've learned a lot about camming since doing it and doing lots of research (this forum is great!) but I still have a lot to learn.

There is one thing I'm really still confused about. How should I pace myself while on cam? I haven't found any other threads that discuss this (feel free to point me towards any major ones I may have overlooked). I set pretty high goals (for my following amount, experience, etc) to take off my clothes, and I tease while I'm still dressed so that usually gets some tips coming in and the clothes off pretty easily. Also having a Lovense Lush really helps.

But after I'm naked, I kind of automatically go to "pussy to cam" mode because that's how I get the most viewers in my room. I've realized that this just allows dudes to jerk off to me without having to pay anything at all. But on the other end of the spectrum, if I don't show my goods up close, I don't get many people in the room.

What I'm asking is, how should I tease? How should I pace myself? When SHOULD I go into "pussy to cam" mode? I was thinking, once I'm naked, perhaps I could be in angles that are flattering but don't show all the goods, and just touch myself and tease and do little flashes and such so people stick around. And once tips start steadily streaming in, I can do more teasing and show my goods for longer? Should I only do pussy to cam once I hit my cumshow goal for example? Does anyone have any detailed tips/position/angle ideas I should try out? Let me know!! I'm very lost on this

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This is a tricky one: on Chaturbate, being on the front page is pretty much a 'life-or-death' thing. That is, if you aren't on the front page, new viewers might not find you. The algorithm for being listed on the front page (or ranked higher) is calculated based on broadcast time, number of viewers, and unique tips (meaning tips from different viewers). Your 'thumbnail' is important, too. This is what browsers see when your channel is listed on the front page. To optimize this, I flex or stretch in a sexy pose every few minutes so the thumbnail isn't the top of my head or my hands typing!

Now, on to your direct inquiry here... When camming, you want to give your viewers enough to entice them, but not so much that you are 'devaluing' yourself. For instance, getting nude for free will devalue your being nude, and people will begin to expect you to get nude without tipping. Contrarily, being fully clothed and expecting tips to remove a shirt or pants will often cause viewers to go elsewhere. So what to do? Show just enough - it is a 'tease' in a sense, but not narratively. You are simply visually teasing.

I always start my broadcasts with no clothes save for my underwear (and socks, if foot fetishes are a big thing in your room). This lets viewers see my body and want more. If I am clothed, they won't know I am hairy, or muscular (big pulls in my particular niche).

I usually add a macro tip goal for removing my underwear but also have tip options for 'flashes'. I like to add in specifics on my flashes - for instance, I don't simply say 'cock flash', but 'uncut cock flash'. The latter is more enticing as it provides an inkling of what my viewers will get to see if they tip for a flash and makes it more unique. Hope that's not too much TMI, but I'm sure something similar could be implemented for ladies.

I hate to put it this way, but ultimately everything you do on cam is a commodity. You set the value of said commodities based on how willing you are to provide it, and at what cost. I would pace yourself by thinking very mathematically - again, the 'front page algorithms'. Watch your viewer count. When you start getting to your usual peak number of viewers, it's time to show a bit more, or start a ticket sale. You want to optimize your viewership as much as you can.

I typically reserve certain things for privates or ticket shows only. For instance, I will never 'cum' on cam publicly, no matter the price. Doing so upsets viewers who DO tip, as TONS of other viewers are getting a 'freebie' for the tippers' money. It also devalues my 'cumshows' by making them a public affair. I usually do a lot of flashing, flexing, showing off, etc in public. Think of what you do in public as a big advertisement for ticket shows or private shows. Give the viewers the visual information and enticement they need to incentivize buying a show ticket to see the 'whole package' so to speak.

Hope this helps!
Oh, and I see you mentioned Lovense. I find that asking viewers to tip for me to start my Hush show is not a good idea - they will just leave and find a guy who is already doing it. What I will do is have my Hush in and set a tip goal for the briefs to come off, revealing the Hush. I try not to set this high - it's mostly an anticipation-builder, not a money maker. But Lovense is a whole different animal. Doing it in public is your best bet at making good tips. When Hush tips slow down, I move the camera away so I'm not just sitting there nude 'for free'.

Room titles go a long way here. They let your viewers know you have your Lovense toy inserted and ready to go. This avoids any confusion when you turn the camera away from it when things get slow.
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