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  1. Neon_Deer

    First time impressions <3

    Hi!! Yesterday was my first time camming (MFC) and it was awesome. I struggled like 1 hour trying to understand how countdowns works, thankfully a very sweet guy helped me and it went fine :woot: I was really anxious at first because I was expecting a lot of creepy people but actually the...
  2. Abbiminx

    New to Camming - MFC profile question as well!

    hello! I’m transitioning from another form of sex work and I’m doing every bit of research I can. I’m unbelievably excited to start broadcasting on MFC. I’ve got the Logitech webcam (don’t remember the series but it was like an $80 price point), a big ring light, and am moving into my own...
  3. AngelicEvie

    Tonight's the night!

    I am gonna do my first show tonight (eep!). I am nervous but also I am excited. I was wondering what are the top 3 tips/advice you have for the first show. I have read and researched for a few months and I think I have the basics down but last minute advice is always welcomed! Thanks lovelies!
  4. A

    Cam modeling while renting

    Hi! So, I’m about to start cam modeling, I’m really excited. Ive told my roommates about it and they’re all on board and I have my own room and stuff to do it in, my only issue is my landlord. She’s very sweet but not super open-minded. Ive been over the lease and I don’t think I violate the...
  5. KrissyMadison

    Chaturbate NEW MODEL STATUS -- Questions!

    Hey there! I'd ask this in the models only area, but since I'm not signed up for Chaturbate YET, I don't have access to that area of the forum. I apologize if this has already been asked somewhere. I tried looking around a bit, but wasn't sure where this thread would be best put up, so here...
  6. PrincessLacy

    How long does it take for things to... not suck?

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to camming; today is my 10th day on Chaturbate. I've been modeling for photos and videos for over a year, but only recently decided to get into live camming as well, and for the most part, it's been enjoyable. However, I'm starting to get really concerned about how...
  7. P

    Ideas for Videos/Photosets to hit the ground running as a new model

    Hello! This forum has been a fantastic resource and I’m so glad I found it. I’m working on getting ready to start camming; reducing my social media presence and removing my real name from directories around the web. I’m going to try Chaturbate first and see how things go. I wanted to put...
  8. R

    BBW Camming Tips?

    I know, I know. There are plenty of people that like BBW. But I can't help but feel like I can't get away with things that other girls can. I'm constantly trying to position myself to seem more appealing, never slouching, sucking my belly in a little, basically just having a hard time relaxing...
  9. Mia Cherry


    Just made this document with the html codes and instructions for: -Side bars -Name tags -Backgrounds -Affiliate links Use it! Here's the link--> (also follow me on twitter if you want...
  10. NerdyZoey

    Profile Picture Questions?

    I’ve been looking all over the internet at different profile pictures on different sites. I’m interested in starting off on CB and SM, to see which works best for me as a newbie, and when more comfortable possibly try MFC. I can’t suss out which photo to use as my first profile pic? Maybe I’m...
  11. M

    My very lucrative experience at

    Hi girls! I'm Manon, from France. I have been a model on Chaturbate and Cam4 and I also offered private Skype shows on CMD and Skyprivate. I tried to find the perfect caming site for months and I finally realized that they all had their good or bad sides. On some sites, you must spend hours in...
  12. funsizedtoy69

    New Have a question anyone please help :)

    Hey im new to this whole thing i have been working in the sex industry for a while and im really wanting to quit what i do and switch over to cams ... however i don't have the funds for a cam so i was going to make a gofundme account and when i post my adds on my other sight and social media i...
  13. Jess_girlforreal

    Private Shows

    Hello, I am new to camming and fearful of Private Shows. I get a ton of request to do private and when it's slow I want to take the offer up so bad....but I am you ask what they want first? What are private shows like? how much should I charge? It just feels so on the spot. Can...
  14. couplebeauty

    Chaturbate Income Question

    We are a couple that started camming on chaturbate about a month ago and we would like transfer our tokens to cash for the first time. On the website it states that the pay period ends on the 15th and the money is transferred by the latest on the 22nd. As we live outside of the US, and will...
  15. Jess_girlforreal

    New To Chaturbate - Help!

    Hi there, I am new to Chaturbate, actually I am new to web modelling also. I spent a good month researching and getting things ready such as purchasing my Lush, room all pretty, lighting check etc. I don't find that chaturbate support helps at all and got most of my answers from this blog...
  16. F

    How do I pace myself? I feel like I give away too much!

    Hey everyone! So, I've been camming off and on for a couple months now, but I just recently started doing it more regularly and sticking to a schedule. I used MFC in the past but now I use Chaturbate because it's more my vibe and I've built up a decent fanbase there. I've learned a lot about...
  17. C

    Get a Cam Girl Banned or Move On

    I’ve pretty much have made up my mind but was just curious on your thoughts. A couple months ago my 1yr “relationship” ended with a cammodel. I spent pretty much everyday with her and thought we had a wonderful “mutual relationship” till shit got crazy. Basically I got the “sob story” of how her...
  18. Aayda_Heart

    Has Anyone Heard Of Anything To Expect In 2018 To Boost Traffic and Sales?

    Have You Heard Of Anything New To Expect This Year In 2018? Has anyone heard of anything cool or something that we should probably invest in? Any Predictions? Which Sites Are Going To Slow Down? Which Will Speed Up? Any New Camsites or Applications for Meeting More Friends/Fans!?
  19. R

    New to this...Any advice?

    Hey peeps! So, as you can all tell I'm pretty much new to this. I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer some of the questions I have? (Multiple opinions are happily invited!) I would like to get into camming, I've been doing a fair bit of on and off research of it. I had been looking...
  20. eeccrraaiigg

    Do we have what it takes?

    Hey guys! My girl and I are gonna be doing webcamming and I was just wondering if you guys thought (based solely on looks so far lol) that we could be successful?? I did it solo a few times, just male solo takes so much time to really make it worthwhile, I made a little bit of money but soon...