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  1. wonderlust0703

    Account was hacked by my ex

    @punker barbie can you help me please 🥺 my account was hacked by my ex. Who stole my phone as well which is connected to my Gmail so my two step authentication isn't helping bc I can't access my phone number or my old email. When I contacted support they said I'm not even the account owner...
  2. Y

    CB Apps not working-error message HELP

    Hi there, for some reason my apps stopped working. I tried setting up my goals when broadcasting as usual and an error message keeps appearing. The same error message occurs with all the apps as well so I’m not sure what the issue is. Does anyone know what might resolve this issue? I have...
  3. R

    Broadcast Suspended

    Hiya @punker barbie I have had my broadcasting suspended, I have opened a ticket but would kindly like to get back to broadcasting solo as soon as possible. I love Chaturbating for my viewers an would like to get back to it, this suspension occurred last night with a +1 when we tried...
  4. M

    Ban forever

    good evening, my account Mollly_queen I used the chaturbate platform for 2 years, my last page was paired, I got married during this period and decided to re-create a page for active work, but my page is automatically banned for forgery of documents, I don't understand what it is about at all, I...
  5. R

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie the chaturbate banned my account becouse they think someoane broadcasting how its not verified .. but its its a big error .. nobody no brodcast .. just mee .. please help me ! Its a big error my user name its Domina _Rashell ! Thank you @punker barbie ❤️🙏🏻
  6. Y

    New Badge Title-Expectations/Help

    Hi everyone, I am a new cam model and hosted a few sessions my first week with the new badge activated. I made on average $450 a session (6-8 hours each)-also averaged 5k-10k viewers. I had one session after the badge expired and my viewers topped out at 5k and for most of the session I...
  7. Y

    Missing Payment Issue

    Hi everyone, I started camming for a few sessions now and I clicked on cash my tokens so afterwards I had zero in my account. However at the time I never input my bank/payment information so I am not sure if the money has now been lost or if it will be sent to me since I set up my bank...
  8. V

    Models don't receive payment, please help

    I ask you to give me and my studio a better chance for this studio to exist. you can interview other models of this studio and get feedback.stacy54784_, anny54784, anna54784 together we have achieved excellent results on the site the studio helps and supports us, and the models here earn much...
  9. T

    Could not convert my tokens to cash!!

    I registered my paxum payment method over a month ago, but every time I try to transfer my tokens I get an error message saying "Unable to cashout. Contact support if the problem continues." I have sent a thousand emails, requested support from other emails, generated tikets from the chaturbate...
  10. U

    My account was suspended Because of the unverified person appaired on my cam

    Please help me to My account was suspended because thers someone who appaired on my cam,.. And that is my friend who is banned before in the chaturbate. I ask the support what should i do to make my account be active and able to broadcast again. There answer is to send the identification of the...
  11. N

    Chaturbate account banned

    Hello good day I would love to ask some help with my chaturbate account my account name In there is IamJazzmine I would love to ask some help cause my account is banned again with out no reason I’m not online for about 2 days and then when I check my account is banned I don’t know what’s wrong...
  12. K

    Account banned with no reason

    Good Morning! Hey @punker barbie , I am reaching you and this forum in order to address a problem towards my account. Mid stream it has been banned with no reason at all....I was streaming and in the middle of the stream i got banned! No reason, no warning, doing nothing, just existing on the...
  13. V

    Studio Account Banned

    Hey!! I am facing a pretty tough situation atm, the studio account has been banned out of nowhere. Nothing happened and out of the bloom the studio account (fancy_studio11) has been banned. Besides the fact that it happened at the very end of the period and there is some revenue frozen into...
  14. D

    Unverified person appeared in my stream

    Hello, Im SophieReve_ on cb. I just started streaming on chaturbate and I am the only person that has ever appeared on camera. I am doing in secret so I am always alone when I stream. I also try to not show my face, but sometimes my hair and chin briefly appeared. Now its a few days that I send...
  15. F

    account hack (Recovery)

    @punker barbie good morning we hope you are well We request help with the recovery of an account hacked yesterday from the model Nickname: Kimberly_clars who yesterday transmitted in his account normally but at the end of his transmission at night in his verification email we found a password...
  16. F

    Account Banned

    @punker barbie hope you are doing well!! I need help with my account 2gays_1straight It has been banned for no reason, I haven't broadcast since Sunday, I logged into my account last night and it was still active until today, when I logged back in this morning I was banned, I would appreciate...
  17. S

    My account got hacked

    Please, can someone help me? Last night, I stopped broadcasting at about 4:13 AM. Woke up and looked at my Chaturbate profile to see a token stat history that wasn't me (I only perform, I don't tip to other performers). I had 3743 tokens, now I have 505. I am really anxious and this is a new...
  18. lolalovelylover

    Chaturbate Support

    Hey everyone my cam name is lolalovelylover and I’ve seen other models post about age verification issues and then being suspended after and I’ve had the same issues recently. I emailed support several times but haven’t gotten a response yet and I’m worried because this is my only source of...
  19. E

    Chaturbate account banned

    Hi @punker barbie I just joined CB after coming from cam4! I was broadcasting from my car in my driveway and my account was banned. There was no one in my broadcast, it was just me! I guess I just wasn’t aware that I couldn’t do that! My username is everythingren1 Any help would be so so so...
  20. M

    does the cam2cam feature require age verification to use?

    hey y'all, new cam model on chaturbate here, learning all the laws of the land. Q: do viewers of your cam show need to be age verified to use the cam2cam feature? Context: i had an amazing idea for a "cam2cam gangbang" show where as viewers share their cam with me, i add their cam to my own...