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  1. A

    I'm deleting my Chaturbate account but I have some doubts

    Hello Chaturbate community It's my first time entering a discussion forum I'll explain my situation I went into Chaturbate for money. My family got sick from covid I'm not from the United States, and I tried to get some money *I'M LEGAL, I'M OLD ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO WORK IN CHATURBATE. Don't...
  2. P

    Account under review

    My account powertrip8 is under review for suspension after receiving reports for unknown reasons. Does anyone know how long this takes? If i end up being banned will I still be able to cash out tokens? Will already cashed out tokens be paid? I still have full access to my account and am...
  3. mymazikeen

    I fudged up coding

    So I haven’t been able to find answers to this anywhere so someone please help! Earlier today I was doing coding for my Chaturbate profile and I accidentally deleted a section of the floating icons and now i can’t access my edit bio or click any buttons on the page. I was using @Dan202 coding...
  4. S

    CB wont accept my license

    hi! @punker barbie im making a new CB studio, i one of my models doesnt have passport so we make her a new DRIVER LICENSE, we live in venezuela, i tried to upload both ID(not passport) and the new DRIVER LICENCESE i did upload front band back of the id. "2 Files Uploaded - Submitted Oct. 14...
  5. puckbunny77

    Hi I need some help

    Hi I'm Nikki Styx. I apparently have a toxic boyfriend who stays friends with a girl who constantly harasses me. Well, the other night she threatened to share my nudes, and has actual photos of me on chaturbate and is passing them around and sharing them. She lives in another country but I want...
  6. F

    Couple account-and girlfriend is having problem with verification

    Hey me and my man have couple account of chaturbate and want to start camming. my man uploaded his files to get verified and was verified very quickly.... but when i went to add my age verification files it took a while to get verified and it got denied first time because the very top of my head...
  7. Southern_Cumfort

    Please Help Us Get Unbanned

    Hi y'all! Our handle is nikkydoesitall2aj on CB and we're looking for a little help. Kind of at wit's end with CB support, as it's been 2 weeks and we submitted many tickets to their support team, without one human response. We cammed back in 2017 for fun, came back to the platform during these...
  8. aliceesadventured

    Quick ID Question

    I'm just curious, for personal and safety reasons- does anyone know if chaturbate has the ability to look up you ID number or the DD number found of most licenses in the US. Thanks!
  9. M

    Account banned

    Issues: We were banned and we don't know why, we are always trying not to violate any of the Chaturbate rules although we have difficulties understanding specifically about all the rules. We would like to know if we can recover our account in any way and know about the balance we have there. I...
  10. Cheesecake

    Error Publishing Stream?

    I have tried on 3 different browsers including my phone, google isn't pulling anything up either. I attached a gif of what is happening D:
  11. X

    Does CB ever pay you?

    I’m getting really worried. I submitted my w9 and haven’t gotten a response, even after checking in and asking if they received it. I am waiting on my earnings to be paid to me for last pay period and I have made more this pay period that I’m worried I will never see since it is almost over...
  12. Dreamy_Kitten

    Can I cam Solo, but on occasion have my Partner come in every now & again to assist?

    Okay I have question Like He will only come on to help with spankings, certain requests and Most likely won't show his face - he supports me but doesn't want to show his face on cam so I also wounder if that is going to be an issue. I know I'll have to add his ID to my account, but every time...
  13. Capryce

    Ok wtf is going on with this site?

    Since yesterday whenever I try to log on to Chaturbate I get a plain html based text site, and it's the same with all my navigators: firefox, google chrome and opera. My boyfriend has the same issue. But on my smartphone, everything is displayed normally and I can even see the people...
  14. C

    "Unable to send tip. Please contact support"

    I DID! over 24 hours ago and it still hasn't been fixed. Does anyone know how to fix this faster or expedite the solution to this issue? It's super frustrating to have tokens sitting there that you can't use lol
  15. S

    my account was banned on the 3/9/2019

    please can you help me @punker barbie please this is my only source of income...please my cb profile name is prettyboo21 i have reach out to support but i dont get and official response as yet and today is the 3/13/2019 only auto message but am worried,your help will be appreciated thank you..