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  1. moodybeauty69

    Whats An Easy Way To Track My Hours on CB?

    The easiest way i have found to track my hours on Chaturbate is it gives me the last 30 days. I get anywhere from 80 to 120 hours in 30 day depending on if I have "stuff to do" I am a mom and a full time XXX model so its hard to get on when im in "mom" mode. Hope this...
  2. C

    Next level cam girls boost your earnings

    I've been an affiliate at some cam sites for a long time and I'm looking for models who want to start a small beta test in cooperation with me, because I think both affiliates and models can benefit a lot from a cooperation. The plan is to create several large Snapchat accounts, which I will...
  3. Dan202

    Revamp other model's profile page? How to do it smart

    It is well known and common practice among models (and some web designers) to "revamp" a model's profile page (or bio page). No, I am not talking about cloning which in this context means 100% similar design and content but re-using the same code without permission. On this "issue" there are...
  4. Dan202

    Web designer help

    I think ACF needs a new section, something like a webdesign corner. I believe that models can find inspiration, post questions, inquiries, search for help and post suggestions faster in a centralized user-friendly space rather then navigate multiple topics, forum sections. My suggestion is...