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image editing

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  1. SAD^^EYES

    Free and useful image editors and batch operations software list!

    Hello everyone, I've been searching the forum and I couldn't find a recent or dedicated topic to such tools. I think every Model might need such piece of software at one point in their activity and if it comes FREE it's even better. The way I see this topic is to list the most important free...
  2. Smores

    Good Windows GIF Editor?

    Is there a good special-purpose GIF animation file editor, written for Windows OS, that can create and edit GIF files? Lots of image editors and animation products claim GIF support, but it is almost always not very useful. They do not support frame by frame editing. Many do not support...
  3. Dan N

    Web designer help

    I think ACF needs a new section, something like a webdesign corner. I believe that models can find inspiration, post questions, inquiries, search for help and post suggestions faster in a centralized user-friendly space rather then navigate multiple topics, forum sections. My suggestion is...